Game New - Updated on January 11, 2023

Summoners Royale is Proper right here! A thrilling real-time PVP sport from the creators of United Legends, starring the Greatest Heroes of Historic previous. Have you acquired what it takes to turn into the Grasp Summoner of the sector? Assemble the ultimate phrase, Heroes Deck, and Battle your Opponents using magic and the powers of the time.

Summoners Royale Mod APK 0.7.05 (Free Shopping)

The game is not loading and I wasted money on it but it's very great game. Please help. Cant connect to server. Been playing since start, now i have this issue, already uninstalled, already cleared cache. . I love this game since it's started with the name No game.but now after some updates some characters are missing like David, sultan,etc plz bring them back soon And also bring some new character And plz don't shut this game again. The best ever game guys keep it up I love these games. Good game ,no need to waste excessive money. Only need little to get to the top.. It good but tou have to pay too much to upgrade.

this is the most game of all time. Be warned. I purchased one pack with 190 NRI. I did not receive that pack and money was deducted. I wrote to support giving all details and never got any response. Never ever spend a single penny in this game.. My first impression is pretty good Just one complain why there is no Indian character??. Excellent work I love your game. Fun castle brawl game. Nice balanced decks..

there are some bugs in attacks and gaining elixir. Other than that good game. And I suggest that arena trophy required should be lesser (or trophy winning in each game should be higher), So there wud be no boredom. In current state of game it takes long time to advance from arena to higher, so I felt little bored. It is now having a major problem. It doesn't connecting to the server now. And I can't even open.. I really like this game. Cause i played clash royle & this type of game. This strategy is similar but unique some particular site & i like it. Graphics Quality are really awesome besides background sound. I like this troop robin craft, its Unique cause it plays on the pool. But i Have a issue which is,when i play for 10 min my phone is heated not overheat but heated.plzz check on this issue & fix after update. I really tell u guys (Developed) u have done well. This game has bright future . This game is superb! Really well made! With it being similiar to clash royale and nano legends this game is def the newest most unique pvp tower defense games to date i feel. . Game could be great but it's not. Just downloaded this last night and in arena 1 I am facing people or bots 2 levels higher and troops from other arenas. Only 500 downloads now I see why.. Played the same game a year ago. Not sure eople realize you stole the code and exact game that has been out. Be careful.

It's really nice game. I've been injoying it, sence I've downloaded it.. The best game I have ever played !!. Never met a real player, only bots with overall level two-times higher than mine.. Great game. I am enjoying it soon much. Loved this game before when I think it was called United legends, please open up the clans and other features.

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