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Welcome to the supreme playground of stick figures! Develop to be a beautiful superhero duelist and save the world! Use two keys to maneuver and punch the enemy! Analysis expertise to goal a bounce shot or an uppercut! No want to make use of each finger! Merely use one hand to revenue from the epic battle! Income from the sport in each panorama/ portrait mode!

Select an experience and assault the enemy in one of the many most straightforward methods you need! Watch completely different battle animations! Take pleasure in cute objects of the world of scribbles in the background. Buy distinctive masks to boost the ability and appearance of the Stickman! Improve Dojo to make the Stickman even stronger. This sport is free to play. Nonetheless, you presumably pay exact cash for various gadgets.

Super Action Hero Stick Fight Mod APK 2.1.783 (Unlimited Gems)

it so fun I like it has super good action fight. Everytime i try to open it.It just crash. Please dev fix this!. Ugh this game is all stuck at the loading screen. Fix it. ganahay. Amazing game! Sadly it is online, maybe ill wait if this game had a chance to be a offline game someday. good but something seems missing.

good. I'd pay money to play the OG version tbh. Make scrolls purchaseable with gems. Why u banned original version it was so good. This game is great definitely one of my favorite stickman games.

I still have this on my Nokia, was really excited to see that there's one for Android too! Nostalgic!. Absolutely beautiful Game perfect 10/10 5 stars. cool. good game. What a cool game this could be if they did not try 2 be cool by using these horrible touch controls. W buttons this would of been amazing ..

Cool I like it. cool. Have great action but still I miss the older version of game with villains and levels. amazing game I love it. it's a really good game.

Please Please bring back the original Super Action Heros. I like very very very much good game. game is wonderful besides the fact that the game freezes everytime i die. A very good beat 'em up game! Hope theres more features coming to this game.. I like the simple graphics it kinda looks like how I draw stickman but if anyone is reading this pay attention to the tutorial, it is hard to remember the moves so yeah that raps that up anyways its just perfect every character looks cool in their own way 5/5!!!.

this is very fun. good game. ... . .. Not alot of movement and space in the levels. Double jumping and jumping is a bit slow for hack and slash. Range of fighting is a bit too short. It can be short in the beginning of the combo, but make it cooler mahn. Introduce a wider and more obstacle like levels. With cool outdoor backgrounds with characters still in miniature forms. Perhaps on a picnic table. Be creative. I want to see ground breaking. Sand going below the feet. Give me that hero feeling. Lasers too. Please add lasers.Goodluc. very good.

Its actually fun and it doesnt blast you with a bunch of ads. Although my only suggestion is to add landscape mode. easy and awesome. Ukkkj. gg. I give up.

The old one better. I played this on my mom phone this game is amazing and it had amazing history. I love the games. ah. Stuck at the loading after install, I will change after a fix.

Amazing game! I really miss the 2012 super action hero. Why did you guys remove it from the app store years ago? If you made a remake of the 2012 super action hero it would definitely blow up!. . Great game decent g. 90%perents. Everything is good.

Very great game . never knew the app game i played sence inotia4 and on school days gets an better results rate and camera cant stop the addiction i get when im playing but will missed the old ways of the app game create an face or getting items. this is so cool And this is the best fighting game ever. try adding a story line to make the game better. I played the other version of this game, too bad I didn't know this was the real one, I did make a lot of progress on the other one because is was very enjoyable. Since this is the better version, I think it will be waay better. keep it up devs.

I don't understand why this game can't be offline?? Is this an open world or something?? Uninstalled the game, had a blackout and thought of playing this to kill boredom but, oh, well, unlucky me, maybe if our country has stable internet and electricity, I'll come and redownload the game.. NICE GAME. Plis add quick swipe control :(. it is so much fun hall should try this game it is the best. still epic.

Wow this is the best Game for ever. I love it the gameplay is VERY good and its simple the only problem is that it crashes sometimes and its not offline Other than that i love it. I REALLY missed this game. I'm grateful the game was brought back at all, but the original was way better tbh. It had a cooler story and missions, better music, and you could change the game controls (move arrows and attack button instead of swiping). Please just copy paste the old version and make it compatible with the current android platform. I would give that 6 stars if I could. The only similarity between this and the old game is the physics.. Want da old one back. Good this is a realy good game i am looking for this game.

Amazing game keep it up. soooo fun. This a good game. Their are no ads in your face. The best action game wohoooooooooo. Its amazing the graphics are simple but amazing the only things are bad is how complex upgrading is and the way they spam enemy's at you but the fighting system is amazingly good.

Worst bro... Doesn't even load. Goot ,game's. This game is very very very gooooooood. Its cool. Ansure in 950 gamer.

No bugs so thank you developers thank you so much I've waited for game like this for years and finally my dream came true thank you.. The game is very fluid but I wish the game could have the same stories or missions from the older version, but regardless very grateful for Com2us to bring this golden game back again.. I just wish I can play it offline.. . I don't care if the head doesn't fit with the body but this game is off the hook I love it I was playing it on my mom's phone so I decided to download it on Sunday may 9th omg I love it.

A stick that can be broken easily by just a finger turned into a super hero, is nice. I love the combat in this game and the animations. I'm glad this is back! I loved playing the original version, I'm looking forward to discovering what's new. ***Edit: Although I still love the game, the constant ads for the skill boosts are pretty annoying. It would be nice to be able to play the game in offline mode since we live in an area with really bad cell reception. Maybe you can pay a set amount of coins for the added skills as an alternate (offline) option?. This is a awesome game, love the physics and controls I wish it had more levels but I had a great time playing and upgrading my character.. Yes missed this game.

Garbage. This same exact company made a super action hero game about 7 years ago and it was way better than this trash.. cool action game. This Action games is super fun for a phone game. Game is great but what if each mask had special abilities...bomb,lasers,guns,rockets...etc. best game.

Nice gem, i like it. Worked on LenoVB. I like the action. Coo. And can using a few more skills but I didn't play update sorry yata zei. Good. Why am I getting a 1 star because it takes like more than a minute long to load and there are a lot of things that you need to sign up for and it's hard it's a waste of time so don't download it..

. You can do amazing tricks it is amazing. A really entertaining game for those times of boredom.. This game is really cool, I like it!. .

It's good but I would love the regular one back. really good game and I'm wondering around in com2us page for about 4 years where i could find this game and it is the time I found it .. and really enjoying it. This game is FUN keep it up . I'm in love with this game. Good.

I love it so much. Its ok..something feels weird on almost all of the characters..specially the protagonist figure..his heads in comparinson with the body doesnt seem to fit at all..its kinda so big for those tiny bodies..i would suggest to check the sizes if possible.. for me it takes away the joy.. Seriously devs? Why do you need our contacts for? I would give you -5 stars if there was an option. Nice. An offline version would be great.

Wow the game itself was amazing.. Can it be played offline?. I love this game the graphics, the simple controls and the animations I just love it and I had to ask how many devs are on the team and what game engine you're using or if is a custom made engine. But, either way I love it. Thx for the great experience.. woo nostalgia controls are a little clunky at times compared to the old flip phone numpad but i'll get used to it. wow...

Whoa. Great game. Best game. Cooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllll. This game is coom.

It was just awesome. This game is so good that i can imagine.. The BEST!!!!game in history!. . Stick: AAAAAAAAAA Enemy: OH NO IM GUNA DIE Stick: *does deciv attack* Enemy: *ded* Thats all ( ^ ^ )/.

Plz fix this it keeps on takeing me of the game. I love this game. All I can say is from golden to trash I'm really sad that the dev's could not revive the actual original tis but a very sad years indeed and to make it worse the dev re use the originals name seriously?! Why just why not remake the old game that everyone that has played be bringed back ? You dev's make literally no sense I don't mean it in a rude way all I can say why use the originals name why not just remake the original just with better quality? That would be great.but I will just get ignored. This really bring back old memories. It's been a while.. The game is pretty fun, easy to play; I absolutely love the fact that this game follows the style of the original 2007 Super Action Hero(or ). Overall, I think this game is a wonderful little gem, hopefully it can be even more fun than the original. (Ps: plz bring the "entire portrait of a guy" mask back, that was such a classic back then).

stornger arms good. why i always kick from the game pla fix i re install it and it still hapend. Its a good game ngl, But the controls are weird other than that its good ALOT.. Is kinda cool, but to much ads.. Great.

Best games everrrrrrrr!!!. I love this game because its pretty game . I thought it was the same game as before, but yeah ... it's okay. It's pretty fun too. I can't believe I never found this game. It's a keeper with the graphics being one of the best I've seen so far in action games on phones sadly I don't get why the game is also online maybe you could have an offline mode to. This game is kinda those games that you play when your out and about. Thx for replying to my little review I give you a 5 so that your game can get back on it's feet again. Tell the Developers that they did amazing work and hope that you guys are safe. Sorry/for/the/longtext. Can yall please remove the ads in the middle of a mission? I'm okay with the ads for rewards but the random ads popping up in-game is very frustrating. Edit : I'm still playing the game, I enjoy it very much! I've been playing it for hours now.

it is so cool i like iti like tapping thats why. Always have loved super action hero but you need to make masks more accesible and reduce cost of masks people WILL play your game still. Great. It's a great game i like it. Awesome! This is my childhood game (back when all we've got was only java & symbian games). Not overly complex yet addictive. I like this developer. Best regards, from Indonesia..

Games so ganda. This game is super fun. this game is addictive but i really want offline so i rate it 1 star. Maganda at into a aya download na ng stick action . this game is good.

5 stars amazing only a little add dosent tell me to use money and never laggy. my phone stuck at permissions, it was really anoyying because i have already play this game and now i waited for the updatefix, i've tried manual permissions and it still dont work.... maybe you could fix this problem ASAP. This game must be popular. Addicting... but they need to make some more evident round finish button to exit the round..

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