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For more than a year, Nintendo Switch owners have been testing the new part of Bomberman for other gamers. Only after numerous patches, additions with modes, characters and levels, the game has become prettier enough to appear on more mainstream platforms. But given her mediocre marks at the start, it would be nice to find out how good she is in general. After all, before this release, Konami did not take its veteran robot out of the closet for six years – and it could easily rust.

The bomb the kids played with

But once it was “Bomberman” was the PUBG of its time. The tasks were the same: collect the best weapons on the map, use the terrain, and destroy all rivals. At the end of the battle, the battlefield also became smaller, pushing the fighters into a narrow patch. True, then online had not yet developed, and therefore the Bomberman series did not become anything more than a simple party game. And when online came, it turned out that there are more interesting entertainments – both faster and more diverse.

In that sense, the Super Bomberman R hardly tries to do something new and different. We are given a small campaign of fifty stages, classic multiplayer with the ability to play behind a single screen or over the Web, and the Grand Prix mode. The latter allows you to fight three by three, the arenas in it become non-standard in shape, and the winner is not the one who blows up opponents, but the one who collects more crystals scattered around the site. On the one hand, diversity, on the other hand, this is just a modified multiplayer mode.

I want to close the issue with the plot adventure right away – this is not something worth parting with money for. Here, as usual, they offer a stupid plot with unfunny humor, you can run it to the final credits in four hours – however, for this you will be allowed to buy several new characters in a local store (for in-game currency). No major finds to be seen. Yes, the arenas are now multi-leveled, but this can sometimes be confusing, especially with the local camera. Yes, you can go through together, but some levels become uncomfortable because of this, especially the final villain. Yes, there are different tasks at the stages – find the keys, save the allies, hold out for a couple of minutes – but all this does not delight, but simply adds the minimum necessary variety.

Super Bomberman R game review

There are huge “bosses” in the campaign. They evoke emotions from wild joy to total hatred.

There was Dracula – there was Bomberman!

It becomes more interesting if you turn on multiplayer. There is only one task here – not to run into a bomb and make sure that an opponent runs into it. In the standard mode, you can seat three friends next to you, but one is enough for fun – the remaining places will be occupied by computer opponents. The rules of Bomberman are very simple – even someone who has never held a DualShock in their hands will figure it out. Therefore, it will be fun in any case and with any level of training. And unlike the arenas cluttered with enemies and objects from the campaign, in multiplayer battles your mom or grandmother will have no problem understanding where the hero is and whether the blast wave will hit him.

The Grand Prix, which was added to the Switch version with great fanfare only in the fall (and the game was released in March), seemed to me not that much more interesting than regular competitions. The need to collect crystals makes the fights rather monotonous, and those who prefer to fight carefully are clearly in a losing position here. Of the cool ideas – the use of special abilities. Before the battle, the hero can insert a cartridge that gives a special move, such as the ability to drop bombs or annihilate them with a laser. And in the “Grand Prix” each “bomber” has its own limit on gain. All this makes games more diverse, allows you to get out of difficult situations and select a character for yourself.

But in standard multiplayer, this or that hero initially has special tricks. Yes, in addition to eight multi-colored robots, all sorts of interesting personalities participate in the massacre. Here Konami is on a very true course, peeped from Nintendo and Super Smash Bros. Bombermen were the heroes of Castlevania led by Dracula, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill and even a spaceship from Gradius. In addition, each of the platforms where Super Bomberman R was released has an exclusive mascot (in the case of PS4, this is Ratchet). The idea is cool, because all the fighters are very different, and the game is thus moving towards a fighting game, where the “roster” is most important.

Super Bomberman R game review

The standard camera is not at an angle, due to which it is sometimes impossible to assess the position of the “bomber” – and this will cost you “lives”.

R for “Budget Frame”

Empty online in the first week after the release of a multiplayer project is almost a death sentence. And I hardly found people in the usual mode and almost did not find them in the Grand Prix. Gathering four living opponents in one “room” did not work at all. So far, Konami has no plans for cross-platform, although such a move could improve the situation – after all, more than 500,000 copies on the Switch have sold. It’s good that there are no crashes and delays in network modes.

Although with such a technical performance they should not be. Super Bomberman R looks very simple. The characters are similar to each other with their roundness, and even removed so much that without the camera zooming in it is difficult to understand whether the graphics here are two-dimensional or three-dimensional. There are 60 frames per second – and thanks for that.

More “budget” issue screensavers. Most of them are just static pictures with spoken dialogue, and those with some animation are very primitive. On the other hand, expecting a visual breakthrough from Bomberman is somehow strange – not a single part of the series was advanced.

The voice acting is also the same. Part of the music (more often – the one that sounds on the menu) turned out to be very cool – I don’t even want to start battles. But sometimes melodies begin to naturally annoy after a minute and a half. And I want to drown out the constant meowing cries of the heroes with hard rock – perhaps that’s why I chose Ratchet with his “human” voice.

Super Bomberman R game review

The intelligence of computer enemies in the campaign is simple, but in multiplayer they can compete.


The return of the Bomberman turned out to be worthy, but nothing more. With all the additions that were not originally on the Switch, we are offered a very large portion of quite decent content. About seven years ago, Super Bomberman R, and even at a reduced price, would have been the very game where online is always full. But now if we want to play the royal battle on the Web, then we prefer Fortnite or the same PUBG. And Bomberman’s share is gatherings with friends who still remember the simple entertainment of the last century. For a wider audience, in case of acquaintance with this robot, it may bomb.

Pros: classic gameplay with the ability to play with a company; a good composition of fighters and arenas; very low barrier to entry.

Cons: symbolic “plot”; strange camera and imperfect control; no truly new ideas; annoying voice acting and music; looks budget.

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