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Super Crush KO is like a Guacamelee mix! and action games like Devil May Cry. The character basically fights with his fists, like Juan from the famous metroidvania, and after the next battle and in the final of each level, marks are given – if he performed almost perfectly, you will see the coveted letter S in the statistics. Positive preliminary reviews from exhibitions and good trailers indicated that the game will be able to brighten up the evening with exciting gameplay, but some doubts arose: will Super Crush KO be able to surprise with fresh ideas until the very end, or will everything quickly slide into a routine?

Both left and right

At first, the girl Karen, for whom we play, receives new skills almost at every level, which takes about five minutes on average. At first it’s a simple hit, then she has a blaster that overheats very quickly, but cools down just as quickly. Then the main character learns to jerk and with his help destroys the projectiles flying in her direction. Then there is a somersault that hits several opponents, an uppercut, an air strike and a ground strike.

Fighting with this set of abilities is a lot of fun, as it’s easy to build combinations from these moves. An uppercut knocks up opponents, an air strike keeps them off the ground, then you can just wave your fists. If you point the left stick in the direction of the desired enemy, the heroine will automatically aim at him with blasters – all you have to do is hold down the fire button. Plus, at this point, she continues to hang in the air until the weapon overheats.

I rarely used the ground kick, but the somersault is one of the most devastating moves that can hit a whole bunch of opponents crowded somewhere on the lower platform. Upon taking damage, enemies can be knocked aside, hit their comrades, thwart their upcoming attack, while the player at this time continues to torment them and watch how the health bar of each dries up. Energy is required for special skills, but it falls out of opponents in such large quantities that with a reasonable use of skills, you never feel its shortage.

That’s all

Unfortunately, all abilities available in Super Crush KO are issued within the first half hour. After that, the heroine will not learn anything new, except for the ability to release a powerful energy beam, which occupies a third of the screen and is restored for a long time. The combat system, which at first seemed fun, pleasant and spectacular, quickly becomes boring due to monotony. In the second world you still hope for the appearance of something new, in the third you begin to suspect that nothing else will happen, and in the fourth you are finally convinced of this.Super Crush KO game review

Opponents in these spheres can only be damaged by fists, but they do not become more dangerous from this.

The developers didn’t make Karen’s journey completely dreary – they also tried to supplement the locations with different elements from time to time, and sometimes they throw up new enemies. However, all this is like a dead poultice, nothing fundamentally changes. Blue-colored platforms will appear on which you can jump high. Lasers that are dashed. Platforms that greatly accelerate the character when dashing. All this makes the fights a little more dynamic, but not diverse.

The opponents are also not the most original: some fly, others shoot three shells in a row, others shoot in different directions, the fourth curl up in a ball and quickly roll towards the heroine, suspiciously resembling armadillos from Guacamelee! In fact, there are not even enemies here that would be defeated only by certain techniques – only in the final chapter will come across robots with a white shield around them, through which blaster projectiles do not pass. But since you mainly shoot at flying enemies, dealing with the rest with your fists, this also does not affect anything.

There was potential

It is a pity that everything turned out this way, because the combat system itself is excellent. Uppercutting multiple opponents and non-stop combos is terribly fun at first – so much so that you care about the score, which depends on the number of unique moves used during the fight. You try not to swing your fists just like that when you have energy, quickly shoot annoying flying robots, effectively dodge projectiles, do not take damage – all for the sake of an S rating.Super Crush KO game review

The bosses only seem strong – in fact, they are defeated on the first try.

But then the magic disappears and the game turns into a pumpkin. Even the bosses are not entertaining – they are just large robots with approximately the same skills as ordinary opponents. Only they will no longer fire three shells, but ten. Or start jumping high and falling to the ground. Dealing with them is very easy – it never took more than one attempt. And this is strange – even in unsuccessful indie games, they try to at least make the bosses inventive.

Very quickly you stop following the marks for the fights. I earned an S rank – great, I didn’t get it – well, to hell with it. In principle, if you do not receive damage, then you can keep a high score for a long time without any problems. But being overly careful is boring – since the gameplay does not present surprises, you try to come up with entertainment yourself and start to get impudent, jumping into the crowd, scattering everyone right and left and corny not having time to bounce off the projectile in time. Because of this, you will lose one or two “lives”, worsen the assessment, but there is still no sense from it – but you have fun.

Oddly enough, Super Crush KO does not offer any bonus mode after the ending. You can replay old levels for the sake of medals and the best results for the leaderboard, but you get so tired of the gameplay that you don’t pull back. You can complete the game in about three hours – it’s easy to imagine how monotonous everything is here if the process manages to get bored in such a short time.

There was little hope for the plot, but it disappointed. One fine day, alien robots arrive on the planet, take away her beloved cat from Karen, and she goes after the main villain, scattering her minions along the way. The characters are revealed so-so, everyone’s motivations are controversial, there are no backstories and explanations of where Karen got a blaster and where she learned martial arts, just a couple of short dialogues with an admixture of unfunny jokes. But the animated comics are well drawn.

The more enemies, the more pleasant it is to use an uppercut and other tricks.


From Super Crush KO it was strange to expect something at the level of amazing indie games, but at least it could be a commendable, fun action game. Here is an excellent combat system that allows you to beautifully connect various attacks with each other, but all the abilities are given out too quickly, and after half an hour the game turns into a series of identical fights. The further you go through it, the more you want to get to the final. Although there is a good chance that you will abandon the game before you see the credits.

Pros: great combat system that makes it easy to pull off cool combos; nice visual style.

Cons: all abilities give out so quickly that surprises end after half an hour; terribly monotonous gameplay that is not saved by new types of enemies; simple fights with bosses; lack of bonus modes and other entertainment; pointless plot.

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