APK - Updated on February 1, 2023

Super Phantom Cat is a platform game made in bright colors, and reminiscent of any other platform games in its mechanics.

Super Phantom Cat  MOD APK (No Ads) 1.162

You take control of a white cat, who goes on a long journey to a parallel world in order to unravel the mystery of the incredible abilities possessed by the hero of his childhood and all his life, the Phantom Cat, who saved his life as a child. And now the cat has a hard way ahead, and despite the fact that he is a scientist cat, with a doctorate in chemistry, he nevertheless faces very difficult tasks, solving which the cat will come closer to unraveling the mystery that he has studied all his life. life, and now at last he was able to approach it and cannot make a mistake or a failure.

Overcome obstacles, crush or jump over enemies, collect coins and fragments of the world that will tell you everything you would like to know about your hero. In order to complete this game, you will need incredible reflexes and manual dexterity, which are available only to a few, including cats. But this does not mean that you should delete the game or give it to your furry pet, just be careful and try your best, and then, after hard training, you will be able to help the cat complete its task.

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