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Supermarket Mania Journey is a very interesting strategy that can be addictive. The player will be able to take control of a huge variety of shops and supermarkets in order to extract the maximum amount of profit.

Supermarket Mania Journey
 Discount Codes (2023 February) 3.10.1100
All Codes Expiration date
UCJLFGWZ96O December 31, 2022
HUZN6S8QG5 February 17, 2023
YUR0BJHZM December 29, 2022
3FU0KLI4SVO January 3, 2023
B5WTXI6OEL7D February 23, 2023
B5MQ0GURD9Z January 2, 2023
42XHV5QBOPT February 22, 2023
BE9T7XODUG January 26, 2023
TUKVHS12Q January 30, 2023
K1TUHVM36AN February 21, 2023
OC4LNTXGUB2Z February 10, 2023
5MLJSPWQ2H3 February 16, 2023

You could not think that very soon you will become the owner of an entire empire of stores. In addition, it will be especially interesting and addictive. Immerse yourself in fun adventures of the economy genre and advance through many levels. When participating in Supermarket Mania Journey, you need to adhere to the time management mode and do everything in a dynamic mode. With each new level of action, there will be much more, and time will become much less. Meet Nikki, who will teach you everything you need to be a real supermarket chain manager. Together you will manage an entire empire and actively develop. Get profit from sales daily and spend it on acquiring new stores. In Supermarket Mania Journey, you need to make sure that the shelves are never empty and are constantly replenished with new products. Then visitors will be satisfied and quickly sort out the products you need. Supermarket Mania Travel and economic strategy A huge colorful and three-dimensional city will become a virtual space for your gameplay. You can enjoy the passage of more than a hundred addictive levels for a long time and expand the boundaries of your possessions with a whole supermarket chain. Serve your customers wisely and make them permanent. A huge number of product categories will be available to all Supermarket Mania Journey players, and they will get a taste for time management. As you progress through the levels, try to win as many new rewards as possible and unlock achievements that your friends will notice. Share your impressions and collect crystals for them.

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