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Can you imagine a puzzle game like Portal, The Witness or The Talos Principle disguised as a colorful RPG in the vein of The Legend of Zelda? But the authors of Supraland not only presented, but also created such an unusual adventure.

Real sandbox

In Supraland, we act as a kind of toy soldier. The fact is that the whole huge territory is actually nine square meters of a children’s playground, where some kid with a wild imagination put us. The environment is appropriate – toy houses and waterfalls, huge erasers as stairs and pencils instead of poles. And the kid, the one who, in fact, is the king, the demiurge and the god of this game sandbox, periodically does something, hangs, looks at us, makes noise. And if you look at the sky, you can see his huge curious face. Looks stylish, and unusual, and funny.

So, it turns out that in this children’s world live red and blue little men who have their own cities and territories. Naturally, they are at odds in one way or another. And when it turns out that for some reason the Blues are spoiling the water supply of the Reds, it is his son, that is, us, that the king sends to negotiate with the king of the Blues.

Everything is for sale … or located

We grab our trusty wooden sword and run towards the blues’ territory. Then we stop, look around and see that gold coins are beckoning yellow on the roof of that house over there. And here the windows are boarded up so that they can obviously be broken. We break, we jump, and there is a secret zone, a chest with gold and one large coin, on which it is written: “+5 damage with a sword.”

This is useful, because just outside the city gates, the hero is attacked by some squeaky skeletons. But along the road leading to the city of blue, there are not the dead, but other red men who literally lure us, like at a fair: “Hey, if you can jump over here, you will find a treasure!”. “Come here, there is a golden barrel hidden behind the doors, try to get it!” And a golden barrel is very good, because a certain number of such barrels brought to the merchant turn into a powerful improvement for our hero.

Supraland game review

Obstacles here can be the most unexpected.

In the same place, from the merchant, you need to buy other upgrades for coins – an increase in speed, general health or the efficiency of its regeneration, a bonus to damage, a double and triple jump. Even the ability to see the display of the health level of enemies or get a chance to collect loot from their carcasses needs to be bought from merchants or found in chests.

Who seeks will find

In general, it’s not just impossible to quickly follow the signs to our blue goal – you really don’t want to do it right away, here and now. And I want to first completely (as far as it is possible at the moment and with these abilities) to explore the territory, search all the nooks and crannies, collect all the coins, find all the secrets and chests with upgrades.

If something could not be found immediately, then it will be possible to return to already completed locations. And sometimes in a very funny way – in some places there are springboards that literally torpedo us like a circus performer from a cannon. And we fly back with joyful squeals, looking around the surroundings from above and even noticing that there, at the top, some kind of key is hidden.

As you may have guessed, in the process of exploration, we will mainly not have to fight, but to overcome obstacles and decide how to get to the coveted gold piece / chest / lever / button that opens the door, and so on.

Supraland game review

Even the maximum wallet size needs to be upgraded.

Tsar Cannon

At first, everything looks quite easy and understandable, and our main tool in solving such problems is hands and feet. Many places can be reached only if you run fast, and use double and triple jump. That is, first you need to save up for these upgrades and learn how to jump like that, and then also use your hands correctly while jumping, tacking and changing direction right in the air.

In addition, the ability to create a large purple cube in the right place becomes a great help. The theory and practice of its application do without any surprises: as a rule, we materialize a cube on pressure platforms or right under our feet in order to use it as a stand for jumping up. It is also possible to place such an object as an obstacle in the way of the departing platform, in order to delay it, as a counterweight, raising a large board on the principle of a swing. Or, for example, with its help we close a hole in the pipe, along which we roll another golden barrel.

But then things get much more interesting and more complicated. A cannon appears, which simultaneously fires at enemies and at the buttons, activating them. Gradually, its functions are expanding. She starts shooting with a laser and some kind of balls, dragging heavy cannonballs behind her like magnetized ones so that they roll and stand on the right platform.

And then another cannon appears, which turns almost into a grappling hook – we can fasten with a laser beam from a cannon to surfaces and pull ourselves up or swing on the beam. Or even draw such a laser line between the roofs and walk along it like a tightrope. And it also opens up the ability to take off and soar, being close to metal surfaces.

Supraland game review

Red berries from cacti lightly heal wounds.

Think and shoot!

In general, there are a lot of riddles, obstacles and tools to overcome them. At the same time, it is sometimes difficult to immediately understand what they want from us and how to get to the goal. But the authors themselves admit that the puzzles in Supraland are creative, and the abilities for solving them are so versatile that they have many applications. That is, all this encourages experimentation, to combine skills (or return when they appear) in order to find a creative and not always obvious, but in fact quite logical solution.

Supraland is full of interesting and unusual puzzles, many of which involve running, jumping and reaction. Create a purple cube on the pressure platform, then quickly shoot the ball into the pipe, wait for it to crawl along it, press the button, ricochet, fly out and press another button, and at the same second start jumping in the direction of the door, which opens for a maximum of a couple of seconds , – this is a very typical situation for this game.

The importance of research, search and accumulation does not diminish in the least. Because there are more enemies, they grow stronger and fierce, activate impenetrable shields and in every possible way prevent us from thinking about how to solve the next puzzle. Even huge “bosses” appear – with their own tactics and powerful skills. Therefore, it is necessary to pump weapons, and health, and regeneration.

Walter, it’s still a playground!


In general, in Supraland, such different mechanics of role-playing adventure and puzzle are quite logically and harmoniously interconnected. Although connoisseurs of pure brain work might be better off without battles (although there are already fewer of them than puzzles). But in that case, it would just be another good puzzle game in the vein of Portal. Now, from such an unusual mixture of French and Nizhny Novgorod, a real masterpiece has turned out, about which they are already talking – they say, this is how Portal 3 should look like. I completely agree. Is that a funny interlocutor is not enough. On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons to smile in Supraland too. Well, where else will you meet the toy Walter White, who cooks blue crystals in the kitchen, but assures that he does not cook anything there? Or you will find on the roof next to the pipe the corpse of a toy Santa Claus, who was poisoned by carbon monoxide. I’m saying it’s a miracle, not a game. Definitely the best indie performance of the year so far.

Pros: very exciting gameplay at the intersection of puzzle, RPG and metroidvania; many secrets and upgrades; a bunch of interesting and challenging puzzles and obstacles; nice looking picture.

Cons: I want supplements; The plot is too background.

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