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On the islands of Easter and Rapanui, where stone idols built by no one knows who and when built of enormous size, ancient tribes live side by side. The inhabitants of the settlements are engaged in hunting, obtaining food and various resources. However, not all settlers have such peaceful crafts. Some of them are masters of weapons, others are warriors who protect their island from enemy attacks. Sometimes they themselves create powerful combat units and land troops on a neighboring island in order to grab some treasures or just trophies from there.

List of Codes WikiExpiration date
RYFHQOS1CZ2August 15, 2022
I219ZE3DVAAugust 3, 2022
7COHWTAU1August 4, 2022
PUMECX9VZFKSeptember 17, 2022
C9V2XBNYM385September 3, 2022
VN1P46DZX0ESeptember 3, 2022

Together, the natives build primitive shelters and dwellings. They have long understood that it is much easier to survive in a community than alone. Therefore, both hunting and war they go collectively. Moreover, they have to hunt quite large wild animals. To do it alone, whatever one may say, is beyond the power, even if you are armed with a sword or a quiver with arrows. Yes, the life of a primitive islander is hard and unsightly! If you decide to help them, then start playing Survival Craft Online. At the same time, test yourself – can you survive in such harsh conditions?

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