Game Mobile - Updated on September 28, 2022

Raft Survival: Desert Nomad is a high-quality simulator that provides complete immersion in the atmosphere of what is happening, thanks to the first-person view. The gamer in the role of his character will have to climb onto a flying raft and start a long journey into the desert lands. Explore the territory, collect tedious resources, at the same time fight back against dangerous monsters.

Raft Survival (Mod Unlimited Pearls/Money) 1.212.3

First, the gamer will undergo brief training, get acquainted with the nuances of control and the plot. His hero, a man who accidentally survived, found himself in an unfamiliar desert. Various creatures are ready to attack at any moment. But the survivor has a flying raft. It moves in the air and provides security. You can equip your transport by investing useful resources. Expand, strengthen the site, adding new details.

While exploring the surroundings in Raft Survival: Desert Nomad, look for clean water, food, and other people. Found things are stored in the inventory, you can make things out of the – weapons, armor, equipment, and household tools. Every day, tasks are given with a reward for completing them, main missions, and story quests.

Realistic graphics with high detail, various resources, a lot of equipment, weapons, and armor, a huge world open for exploration. Well optimized, addictive gameplay, money mod, crafting, and building system. A unique transport is a flying raft on which the survivors will move. The plot will be revealed gradually, as the main quests are completed.

Download ( V1.212.3 )
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