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The plot of Survivors: The Quest® is very exciting and will immerse you in an exciting adventure from the first minute.

Survivors: The Quest Gift Codes (2022 December) 1.15.1200
List of Gift Codes Expiration date
DIPWXESR2GZ August 5, 2022
YRGVU3KPTF August 10, 2022
IU32QNX8F August 17, 2022
LNJKS29C8V1 September 7, 2022
6RPCN1FJ97GW August 9, 2022
L05XJEQ4SK3 September 27, 2022

According to the plot, three strangers find themselves on a desert island and begin to find objects that indicate that there were not only people on the island, but also important research was carried out. You have to not only uncover the secret of the island, but also make sure that the three survivors make friends with each other.

But that’s not all. The survivors need something to eat and try to find a way to get back home. Only you can help them with this. Use all your wits and ingenuity to get food, and learn useful skills that will help you get back home.

Survivors: The Quest® has very high quality graphics and realistic design. You will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a tropical island, and will explore the lagoons, beaches and jungles. You will come across useful items along the way. Collect them to unlock new skills.

Keep an eye on your characters. Each of them has an indicator that shows the level of health, strength and comfort. Try to keep your heroes always fed and calm.

Several puzzles will help you uncover the secret of the island. After all, this is the main goal of the game. Show all your ingenuity and discover the secret that lies behind the veil of tropical thickets!

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