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Our good pal Sluggish Joe is solely sittin’ on his porch, minding his private enterprise, when a swarm of mutant ‘gators assault! Good job. He’s acquired entry to firearms. Nonetheless, he’s going to need a whole lot of help and an entire lot of ammo this time spherical…

These monsters suggest enterprise and are racing straight in the course of Joe’s cabin on this superior tower safety recreation. First, they’re coming for the swamp, then your full world, so currently, no mercy and kick them OFF your private property!

Swamp Attack 2 Mod APK (Latest Version)

Nice games. 787 7 8 78 .. few ammo. Pay to win. very fun game. great to kill time. I like how you can unlock a new character right away.. Great game. I got all the stars in the first 2 episodes and 75% in episode 3. I did all of that f2p, just make sure to receive your free daily rewards. Only problem is I've been waiting for almost a year for the "coming soon" add ons.

Hi i like it. Swamp attack 1 is way better, but you max your levels out. SA2, you can't upgrade weapons. Terrible game. Nice game. I have complete the whole game until now I'm still waiting for the coming soon level to open.. I love the game but I don like how you run out of hearts and have to either use Simonds or wait but other than that great amazing epic fun game I would like it if you make it so you don't need hearts or anything. Best game ever if your bored.

Add The Mothman Monster as part of Episode 3 Please Bc They added Aliens to the first swamp attack game I love this game. It's very fun and "addicting"!. When are new levels coming out. Too hard. Can't choose upgrades or earn extra coins or gems in side missions... and what's with collect 40 gems to break the piggie?? I have over 40! Can't break it. Tried level 40 about 10 times.... I quit.. IT SUCKS DO NOT INSTALL.

I used to love this game ..... the astronomical amount of money they ask for is horrible....thumbs down...... Any new levels getting released within the next 10 years?. Its so short. Very enjoyable game. Not enough levels!. Disgusting money grabber. They introduce levels early on that are so much harder than any before that you can't pass without buying a heap of extras. Don't bother!.

Some first missions will go smoothly to draw you into the game. But soon after you will run out of ammo during each subsequent mission. To complete any later mission, you will either have to watch long unskippable advertisements or buy ammo. It is almost impossible to finish the game with given ammo. Very fraudulent approach. 3 stars just because the game itself is pretty good.. Absolute trash the original game is far better this games it just built to make you watch adds. Good one. Great game! Love the updates, it looks amazing . Enjoyed the first and second game but needs more not enough levels finished it in less than a week needs side missions or bonus rounds other than that great game hope to see more soon.

When is the next update for the new levels. Very nice upgrades from 1st game. Rly like it tho! Will update review after I a week or so but for now its quite good and fun ;). The gameplay that made the original a great game is completely gone. I noticed part 2 was designed by new developers. Maybe the team needs to spend some time with the original Swamp Attack. This sequel missed the mark quite dramatically. Uninstalling with the quickness. . Good game fun and I found it easy to play more levels please. :). The game was good till level 22. Whenever you click to shoot on that level it doesn't work but every other button does. On that level the grenades don't even load so you can't do anything but lose and no progression can be made. I just uninstalled. The characters with auto fire guns can also use some work, there to weak..

Its like swamp attack 1 but better. Horrable it stopd me on level 15. It is a good game. Would be awesome if you guys made a cyberpunk version of this style of a game.. Good game.

Great game but impossible to open the piggybank without paying.... please fix and i Will give 5 star... i just dont want to keep playing because ill waste gems....... Good game so far is the game finished yet. Trash.... Love swamp attack 1 and 2 keep it up love games like this Stay safe and God bless you all. Loved the first one. This one changes how the upgrades work and adds characters. Unfortunately the gameplay suffers from a slight tap delay. The first game was quick and responded well.

When will the game be finished. Please release the rest. I find Swamp Attack 2 to be intriguing, however, the characters are strange, and for the most part are ineffective (especially pepper and her weapon). I absolutely love the first Swamp Attack, but I am disappointed in the newest version simply because it barely resembles the first one. You can't even separately upgrade weapons, etc. :(. Awesome fun game. Levels are challenging and you dont have to buy anything to complete them! Cant wait for more content hopefully soon !. .

pog game love it. I like the game, very interesting and fun. Lives are gone too fast. . Cannot play at all !wont load screens??? Installed 3 times... Same problem. Disappointed....

Very goood Game but need more episode. Cant see half the screen because of the trees.. annoying as hell. And just poorly made, even when i 3* a level it seems like it was a struggle just to beat it. Not a fun game. I do like it but its the lives, I'm not asking for much just bring them up by one, that's all overall it's a great game.. Amazing game love it!. Best game.

Whoa,,,,,Swamp Attack 2.... I had the Swamp Attack the first one....this is going to be epic.... Fantastic game! I play it with my kids and its a blast.

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