Game Mobile - Updated on April 15, 2022

Sweet House – Invites you and your soul mate to choose a new place for themselves where the days of living together will continue. Together with your beloved pet Snezhinka, you move to the chosen apartment, begin to arrange everything in it, and then carry out repairs to get the desired result.

Start designing, buy necessary parts and furniture, and create your corner for your family. Initially, inside the house, there will only be a sofa, a table, and a TV, but this is certainly not enough. Everything else you can choose yourself in the store. Pick a job for yourself, keep order, and do what you love.

Don’t forget to feed your loved one to receive compliments and a positive mood. It will only depend on the love of those around you and how many new things you can buy because this is the currency of the game. The mod for lots of hearts will allow you to make purchases faster, providing access to closed items before you pass the required levels.

Get love to open additional territories and restore them. Breeding wild animals will bring you additional income. Sweet Home is a great opportunity to relax and spend some productive time, as the game requires no extra effort from you, which you don’t always want to do after a hard day. Just relax and enjoy doing what you love. It will depend on you how you will get from others, as well as what your unique world will look like.

Download ( V1.36.3 )
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