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At present, it is less and less possible to encounter work in which the soul and idea are invested. Own vision, which helps the authors and developers to create masterpieces of game art. One of these works is the game – Sword & Glory.

List of Promo CodesExpiration date
T8Q4ZSFD1LOAugust 6, 2022
L1O293WECKJuly 19, 2022
XRFZBVKN5August 15, 2022
VEZT4PNHUX5August 24, 2022
E1QVP45GUBY0August 19, 2022
IE43NT9O6J5August 27, 2022

This symbiosis of medieval brutality and minimalism in graphic design leaves an indelible impression. At first sight, you have to fall in love with the game and go through it many times.

Remember that if you die once, you will die forever, and you will have to go through a new one, and there, believe me, there is something to go through and where to go. You will be offered an open world of open possibilities, sharpened in black and white colors. Your game depends only on your choice, because you can choose the path of a valiant warrior who fights for the honor of the clan and challenges strong opponents to fair fights, or you can become a notorious bandit and robber who cannot quench his thirst for bright red colors in any way. gloomy black-and-white world, and who is ready to kill until he himself falls down, struck by the opponent’s sword.

Create your character, giving him a huge variety of skills and abilities that will play very important roles in your life in the future. And also do not forget about your house, which can be improved as you progress through the game, as well as your abilities.

Download ( V1.5.12 )
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