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Immortals can’t beat me if I flip into the demon. There’s nothing to fret about, and I will rule out all the issues! It took three years to create such a mythical world of immortals and demons.8709000000 ft universe is free to find, Free 3D View, and Profit from the magnificent environment of the three realms:

The unique six-profession system has 24 profession branches to modify. Develop to be immortal or one in every of many demons. Choose your future. With your mates, uncover the realms, and grasp the supreme magical power. Soak in scorching springs alongside your beloved and catch spirits and monsters inside the wild; you are not alone. Assemble ultimate weapons and permit them to assist you in dominating the world. Commerce inside the cross-server market, be excellent, and be rich!

Sword Dynasty Immortal Mod APK 1.0.25 (Free Shopping)

Only 3 stars while game is interesting and fun with good graphic, it's totally pay2win game. Everyday pop up to top up and sometimes without top up anything u can't increase stat on certain item. Good for fun. Don't put money into it. This game is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but the gameplay is too repetitive and grindy. Dungeons takes up 1-2 hours where you do nothing but stare at your character chip at a Boss endless HP bar. And that's it, there's not much interesting things to do, pvp is p2w and there's not much skill expression so it gets boring fast.. please increase your drop rate of the items. This is quite phenomenal for a beta test. Character customization is decent, though I'd like it if you could customize your character's body, not just the head, toggle auto battle that only switches on when you tell it to, seamless login, and gorgeous graphics. Puzzles and all are seriously challenging but that's what forges a brilliant game. Looking forward to what's to come. It is not a type of game I play but it looked great. I do recommend adding text instructions in the tutorial for hearing impaired and people like me that can't play with sound, the print is also so small that it is difficult to read. Great character design, company choreography, graphics, music, and voice acting.. This game is great but they need to make it less pay to win so a 4 out of 5 if they fix the pay to win thing then 5 out of 5.

this game has a lot of multiplayer features, including friending, texting, and making your own league, I haven't gotten too far but so far this game is a 10/10. Great game! Beautiful graphics. Details of the game are best with 90+mhz screens. Upper medium to high level processors are best. It's a lot going on constantly. 3 star for right now, when you progress to a training point, the game fails to load. I've restarted the game a few times. You have to skip training to progress further in game. You just have to figure out the new training as you go further in the story. Train yourself for right now.. This game is a fun hack and slash game that gives you three classes to chose from (An Attacker, A Tank, And lastly A Mage/Healer) it is easy at first. Had overheating issue on my Alcatel phone, but oddly enough I bought an Alcatel tablet yesterday and it is less of an issue... which is great because I already like this game.. Game is nice, only been playing a short time but I do think that it's a good engaging game. I do wish there was male/female versions for all the toons...some females don't like range/support play..

Good graphics,good story,great battleplay,I like it. this game is literally amazing. it's super engaging and the graphics are brilliant as well. there is the odd translation issue or moment of lag but apart from that it is a great game. would definitely recommend!. Funtastic! Can play up to your cravings! Good guides and easy to follow. Level up is unexpected.... It would be great to be able to make alt characters. Wish we could switch classes inside the game. I started with Dragoon, but would love to try Arcania.. I have ever played PS4 graphics, easy to level up its only afternoon on the second day of playing and I'm over level 20 no ads and also it doesn't ask you to buy something all the time like Raid does love this game.

I didn't think I was really going to dig this game either, but I was really impressed with not only the graphics, but the ease of gameplay is so dope.. Only just started, game has incredibly smooth graphics!. My experience so far has been quite enjoyable although, there are some bugs mostly visual though. It has been running smoothly for 1hr+ but too many notifications and I seem to get lost almost every time. I am very pleased with this. Most RPG games are P2W but this seems different the leveling up is not too difficult nor is it easy just in the middle to get you hyped for your leveling rewards.. The game is fun and pretty decent to figure out how to play I just have one question on chapter 6 stage 15 can you fix the ai for the dude helping us the entire time he's sitting there doing nothing and moves one or twice the entire time I can't keep all sides safe so I can't get 80% hp left on the cyristal but all the other stages before are 3 star complete and a couple stages stages of chapter 7. PvP is tough unless youve become a high level but easy to level up with current events and campaigning. Some items hard to get without having to pay. Overall fun game. Love it..

I loved the high quality graphics, it's more interesting and I wish there's more benefits of this game, I loved it. Really sci-fi with an ancient history incorporated into it. The story is really good despite just being in beta version. It's seems fun to grind for the things you need . Auto fight and auto quests turn it in to a movie with very good action lol. Love the game so far .. The game has good visuals. I like the background music and the sci-fi setting. But this game suffers from the same tropes as simular titles.. You level quickly which keeps your attention and you get pretty cool gear super early. I am curious to see end game content. Keep up the good work for real!.

Great graphics and gameplay. Love the automated feature so I can also focus on other things while playing.. The Good, The Bad and The Hopeful This is a great game!. Same battles. I never felt like my hp was at any risk. Apparently this type of game is very popular. I would of preferred a mmo. I would add rpg, but mobile developers don't know what that actually is.. Play to progress game. 1. Dragon seal- you have to recharge to use, after that you have to buy orb to evolve it 2. Divine pupil- there's a task that you need to cast the equipment 6 times to clear that task. But you can't get those unless you recharge again. 3. Free to players always broke on ingot. all dungeons, raids, ticket for primitive boss, personal boss needs ticket. If you don't use ingot for those you'll fine yourself as their toy(punching bag). No translator on chat/ a lot of bugs. By far the best mobile game.

if u see Mobile legends they have voices in each character that's all and this game is good keep up the good work. Writing this review to commend the advertising team. The ad made me laugh out loud for real. Thanks for the entertainment while waiting 30 seconds for a reward in another game. I downloaded the game just to say that. I might try it someday. I play another game pretty actively by these guys. And they too have some clever commercials. Well played.. Overall this is an amazing game, and one I play daily and will for a long time to come. There are still issues (cross-server play being unbalanced) but overall it's getting better each day.. I love this game but it does get a little tedious with cross server battlegrounds and even Apex when the strongest player is guaranteed to win, it's really not much fun when you know there's someone that will kill you instantly, there needs to be some kind of BR based matchmaking but other than that, it's a great game. Amazing graphics, amazing gameplay, a very nice game, I recommend you download it..

This need update for inventory armors weapons stuff like that it's kind of rough it's a pretty good game I like it but I did to find a guy in the arena that one shot me but I don't remember his name at all so yeah. All boss items is very poor drop and the event making money . What kind of game all boss taking a quest very poor drop the items. my i cant login..stuck on enter game menu...i wan to play my acc back la..fix that bug. I top up 200 for your offer in lucky gifts that if I buy it i can have 150 fragments of devine priest but you gave me Chocolate.What a dissapointment game.. Still new this game but so far so good.

Experience the best MMORPG game ever. i love this game so much, it's beautiful. Great game..and thnk you for free vip .. It's a wonderful game to play. Its a good quality game Haighly recommend.

Nice game good grofs over all bice. this game is the peak definition of P2W period. i mean don't get me wrong this game could be fun at times but the devs simply want money that's it all of the events they're making are all about top-up/accumulated top-up.. Aesome game i love it so much. Really awesome.. great game with lots of freebies. Awesome game! More jades/ god jades to come.

Great game, right in to it at the moment!!.. So far its awesome i played for 45 min and fun. I love it keep up the great work. It is very awesome and it gives what it says. I love this game! I joined a few years after it started, which means there are so many things to do to increase BR once you level up. It's difficult to be busy and keep up unless you pay, but I love the numerous amounts of ways to upgrade your team.

It's probably the best one I've played when it comes to these types of games. You made a great effort and it really amazing work. just like the game, you guys got lots of bots to spamming 5star reviews looolllll . One of the best RPG games I've played so far.. a very nice game great graphics and easy to play.

so many glitches and bugs dont waste your time here guys!. So laggy i keep crashsing so much bad game this game sucks very bad dont download this game is rig. All off rewards and characters using money. What a confusing game. as of now its a good game. After downloading the game it immediately crash. Can't even pass a loadind screen. Don't waste your time downloading this game.

really a nice game had to lower graphics cant use openal. Game is really fun and super addictive. Great game,but it has a problem freezing !. Fun game Graphics are cool good game play. The game have a nice graphics and i love it.

Loving it so far still trying to getcuse to everything. I like it because you can play auto ahahah. After i top up my character was gone i dont know why maybe this game is scam.. The graphics is good and its really smooth to play. this game is easy to play but pay to win.

i topup for 119.90.and i didnt get my ingot!!!!!!. More donate to make your damege big . I not try dis game so sori. I hope there is a setting to disable autoplay for new quests after completing the previous quest. Everytime I finish a quest, I want to check my rewards and inventory. But the game keeps auto-completing the next quest while the rewards window is blocking my screen. Because of this, I can't see what happens or where my character is moving. Feels like I'm just closing popups and not playing the game at all, I can't even keep up with the story. This shows the developer doesn't even play the game... When I tried to log in, it's says error decompressing preconfigured modules.

This games UI is so complicated, so many things on single screen. You just don't know what's going on. Being a V7, i have not received any special drops like mount,wings costume from boss killing. Cloaks are so over rated that you can't even get them. Events are full of useless and cluess things. You pay a ton of money and at the end you get nothing. Theur event description is also very vague. I am being a player from Australia, I have seen plenty of people wanting to have a translation button. Please Ban the players from JollySacrament of Zone 6. They are using bots/mods. Video proof will be posted in Youtube.. Pretty good game more entertaining and enjoyable then 80% of mobile games out there. It is a good great game I love it. It's a good game to pass time and looks pretty good.

So far this game has been really fun.. i like it so much, very good game. well done. Its very nice game I love the graphics. Yes. I think this game is one of my favorite game.. I love idlers and this one is really awesome! Try it yourself and you will enjoy it too!.

unable to login the geme after installed the game. This game was normal but so good game so 5 star . Let the drop rate get a little high why do the drop rate now become lower and lower. I like this game. It's dinky and easy. Definitely a p2w if you wanna be top tier in the ranks, but not necessary for a relaxing time passer.. It is a fun game and great if you can only hop on once or twice a day. It is pay to win but you can get through it without paying.

I love the game and it is so fantastic Though players who spend money get an advantage over those who dontbl but F2p can also make their mark. Very fun and easy to understand with a variety of different ways to spec your character. graphics are great, gameplay is nice and smooth, and really love the character designs!. Awesome game to play when you've got time. Extremely generous with in game currencies.. The game is quite fun... daily grinds gets a bit repitive though but some of the rewards are amazing. Great community as well... They just need to increase the drop rate on rare items... sheeeeesh.

Pls make another game just like this but with different theme I hope u guys will make with the same game mechanism cause the mechanism kf this game is amazing ,to which the afk-idle and the skills r quite worth it both animation and rewards all we need is another game just like this with a new theme and new skill set. reat game for an Idle category. Addictice and enjoyable by pretty much everyone.. I love the game but there is one problem. There is bug on the arena, challenges and etc. Please fix it asap thanks.. Fun to play for short bursts. Graphics are a solid 10/10 runs smooth no glitching easy grinding. Let's you lock your phone to save power very fun and so addicting..

Nice game and enjoyable I like it. The game is super fun I love it its super addicting super easy to level up aswell I recommand it what are you waiting for download this game right now!. Good game, especially F2P friendly. Nice graphic. If you just wanted to kill time while playing game, you can download these.. Great and fun time killer good graphics and easy to play would 100% recommend to anyone of any age.

Solid game, really easy to sit and watch as your levels raise fast. This so nice to people that say this game is so boring f u. I change my review after so long I'm play the game..this game is not worth it for free player.. everything need to be recharged..the gap between vip player and free player are so far..u will not make it because the drop rates is terrible..this game also give me anxiety to keep my rank..Im stop playing it... I have been playing this game from the start. Overall this is a game that will takes up a whole day. Morning 5 hours of dailies from 12pm all the way farm for gears. Drops are mostly males. Hardly drop females gears. Today I killed 50 hammers but only 1 female gear. (So if u are new, play as male better drop rate). They just added nation which mostly people are lost on how to do that event. Everything in national is so slow. Still thinking of how I can play this game after hoilday... Its a good quality game Haighly recommend.

Nice game good grofs over all bice. Experience the best MMORPG game ever.

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