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Sword Master Story is a colorful cooperative action game with RPG elements in which you will learn the story of the greatest Sword Master. The empire has been betrayed, now you have to fight for peace with many opponents, so get ready for severe trials. Use the unique skills of the characters, swift attacks, various combos and other counters to effectively destroy enemies. Excellent pixel graphics and cool special effects leave an unforgettable feeling from every battle. Plunge into the magical atmosphere of the project, where you will find many exciting game hours.

Sword Master Story
 Codes 2022 September 4.2.418
All Codes Expiration date
KLNGC26AFJV November 19, 2022
9OZXS874YV November 8, 2022
2QA8T9WZU November 22, 2022
4QZVFY736XD October 28, 2022
5JXETL7ZC0KN November 8, 2022
XNDPQ4A6EUJ October 21, 2022
UHVK16PIJMT November 12, 2022
DFS4KX9OCU October 2, 2022
416PAFSVY October 3, 2022
FMJ5LYDAR9U November 13, 2022
WBJ2SMDLI46R October 22, 2022
KIQRTZU4LJB October 17, 2022

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