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Tacticool – 5v5 online shooter is a modern action game that works in real time. Connect to the most intense adventure and experience the pleasure of participating in gunfights.

Tacticool – 5v5 online shooter
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More than a hundred of the most diverse and really powerful guns will be available in this intense shooter. Upgrade your weapons to always be ready for firefights even against legendary opponents. You will find a multi-level character development system and a lot of additional updates. Perebeyte all your opponents, along with an experienced team. It will include five experienced warriors at once, and each one is better if he has his own weapon. In Tacticool – 5v5 online shooter you can use rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, grenades and much more. To achieve a single goal, any means will do, but the strategy of warfare will always be on top. Perhaps you will be the first to take part in these multiplayer shootouts, or invite your friends to compete. Features of Tacticool – 5v5 online shooter

  • Incredibly bright and realistic 3D environment;
  • Crazy gunfights with powerful explosion effects;
  • Ability to drive a car;
  • 5v5 team fight mode.

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