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A world is a place people use Math Guardian Monster for battle by answering math questions. Solely smart people can administer a robust Guardian! The Story takes place yr after The Good Math Battle, the place Legendary Dragons down Nemesis, primarily probably the most extremely efficient and irrepressible dark-skinned Guardian, that is summoned by a mysterious darkish group.

Play as Phi, a pupil from Math Academy that appears as “E” Class Pupil, the lowest Grade pupil, chosen by one strongest “Legendary Binary Emperon.” Seek out the fact of the closed e-book behind the catastrophe of the Good Math Battle years prior to now and cease the revival of Nemesis. In the middle of the journey, it’s possible you’ll elevate Phi Grade by taking an honorary society examination, after which you present to be worthy as Guardian Grasp of Legendary Dragon!

Tales of Phi Math Battle RPG Mod APK 0.1.16

Simple but complex game to train my brain and math while enjoying gaming. But there is fatal problem when i played it on redmi 10c. After playing for few minute it start to hang and all of my phone freeze. The only way to out of freeze is to restart my phone. Also ge dev need to add feature to backup save data on cloud google play game.. Great game! Incorporates math, trains your brain in a fun RPG style! Hope it grows and has a lot of user Too bad the game is not yet finished. The game stops after map 6. Map 7 is not yet done. This game has so much potential. Game is good. The mechanic, the story- all good, just, there's way to many grammatical mistakes in almost every sentence, really obvious ones too. Kind of ruins the fun of the story. And even though the story is good, the representation is not the best. I just want the developers to reduce the amount of gramatical mistakes as much as possible. It's a good game and I hope more people will play and I hope your game goes a long way. Good game. Can't open the game at all. Crash immediatel without reaching the loading screen..

The monster are so rare that with 20 energy you probably only get 1 to 2 low normal monster as reward. The rare monster is even more rare. So uh.... repeated matches of less than 10 games per 1 or 2hours. energy system sucks, too grindy. exp is low. summoning and enhancing cost is too high. i already won 20+ games and i still cant buy or upgrade anything. maybe after 30 or 40 more games it'll get better, but this games too tiring already for that. In start it's just crashing again and again atleast i didn't able to attend level 1. App suddenly closed. Hi I love this game please keep Update This and also give save option .

It helps me a lot!!! and i enjoy it too!!!. The game has typos and/or wrong words littered all across the story. The story seemed interesting until the protagonist suddenly had a Legendary because no given reason at the start of Act 1 Ch 1 and suddenly a antagonistic person appears and after you win 1 mini-fight, swearing that the protagonist isn't the only one with a Legendary, you see them retreating with no backbone. The fact that I needed to focus more on fixing mistakes in the story than the Math is very unpleasant, so 2 stars.. Fix the typos and the grammer. Feels boring after a while, add multiplayer or something new to do while your stamina is recharging. I was excited to have a education+story game but the protagonist is a fixed guy character... I wanted to choose the gender, appearance and story choices plus I didn't like the forcing of love interest upon us and her being such an eye candy bimbo is disgusting and bad story writing. AND The storyline's grammar is bad too... I tried to tolerate but I couldn't withstand such low standards and exited the game soon...this game is not good, so much needs to be improved, not worth the time.. Best game I have found so far on Play Store, it has that Pokemon feel with collecting monsters while having the great ability to make kids raise their calculation speed quite a bit. This even fastens the ability of mind calculation and raises ones reaction speed. Hope this game is downloaded and enjoyed by many. The only improvement I hope to see would be faster money earned..

Has all the shady microtransactions mechanics you can think of, though there are no more games like this, unfortunately.. It stuck. I mean I can get i to the game. I can go anywhere but I cannot do anything in the said place. The money stuck on 700,000 and gems on 5,000. Pretty sure I don't have that amount. Oh, I also don't have any energy. Cannot fight, cannot buy anything, cannot summon anything also.. i tried the game it,s good i made it to the castle and it says its like the game is not done yet so now been a couple years now is it done ?. Good game to enchance ur brain. Definitely a good concept for a monster collection game but the dialogue needs a lot of work. The grammar basically is the reason why I stopped playing. It needs to be fixed ASAP..

I was interested but it doesn't fit my screen (Redmi note 9s) and it annoys me that i can't see my energy or the back button on my screen so I'll just have to put it away for now until you can fix this. It just really bugs me that it doesn't my screen.. Update: Completed the game! Were so excited for the boss level but it's still not released. Waiting for the next update!!!! ----------- Didn't know an educational math game like this exists. So perfectly made. Hope this game gets to a 1m download milestone soon. The art is very attractive, too. Would be nice if the team worked on more advanced math stuff like square root, fractions, polynomials, etc.. and made another game later on. As for Tales of Phi, WONDERFUL JOB DONE!!. There is too much crashing. After watching the starting scene, the first things you'll notice are the numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes within the dialogue. Since the dialogue is really important in this game to convey the story, someone who speaks English fluently should really fix it. The game may sometimes slow down to about 1 frame per second or just close with no warning nor visible reason which is really frustrating. Don't get me wrong, this game has so much potential, but these bugs are so irritating. 3.5/5. I Like the game.

Pretty fun to play. Excellent. I cannot recover my data after logging in a new phone..... I really like this game. The characters are charming and the overall concept is amazing. My only problem is ( and I know this is different for other people ) the fact that I like to insert myself into any kind of game that has a cool story, like this one. But overall, great game :). I love math.

This taught me math better than school ._.. Good Game. I like the game. But I just hope energy bar fills faster and has more capacity. Min energy required per battle is 2 bars but we need 3 mins to fill 1 bar, and max capacity is also only 20, which is too little imo. I hope energy bar fills every min and has capacity like 60 at least. Good game but i knew from it how dumb i am. how about cloud sync? i want to change device pls thank you ^^.

I love the game, love the concept, just wish there will be a place where I can farm gems. I know the arena is a place to do that, but come on, 3 energy per battle/I have to watch video to get 2-5 gems with minimal exp and gold? And I hope there will be more content soon, planning to do IAP if I think this game will keep growing. aaarrgghh ! why am I here tho , and , ya , screw with the almighty ads !!. style art nya keren bang, konsep nya juga keren mirip pokemon tapi lebih unik, mungkin bisa ditambah cerita pengenalan char utamanya bang, biar lebih mendalami ceritanya. Awesome please make more such games. Please fix the bug in card shop. When I choose buy a card then the question asks me buy another card with another price :0.

Please stabilized the academy random arena, I chooy easy, and the enemy health is 1500 to 2000, that's a hell of easy man Bug : after I revive from the ads, I couldn't execute any answer. Responsive dev . Good game if you want to calculate fast. It's a good game but some bosses are overpowered,ive completed the 6 chapters available so please update soon.. I love the concept of this game, and how i can practice mental math while collecting a variety of monsters! Only problem is the bugs - sometimes after i watch an ad to revive, im unable to attack anymore. The store is also a little messed, where touching one item will lead you to buying a different one. Easy mode academia battles have seriously overpowered pets, and some monster pics dont match with their actual affinity. I hope u can fix these soon.. My teacher be so proud for playing this game....if only im at school now lol but yeah this game is great & probably helps my memory stay in shape, only complaint, the misspelling in the story lines.

Cool monster rpg game. The fact that it's timed is a turn off for me... I'm dyslexic and it takes too long for me to read the numbers. Good game to see how good are you at mental math, otherwise you need calculator to play hard difficulty.. I let my kids to play this game in my phone. They get math lesson, and I get my monster level up. However, some part still need enhancement, I think.. But still, great game!. Bintang 5 buat usaha developernya. Semoga game nya sesuai harapan .

Interesting art and concept!.

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