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Tanks a lot! – multiplayer action from the guys from BoomBit Games. The project turned out to be provocative and dynamic. Despite the fact that the release took place not so long ago, millions of gamers were able to immerse themselves in the game. The uniqueness of the project lies in the multiplayer mode, where three people take part in one team at once.

Tanks a lot!
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You and your friends are on the same team and must face numerous opponents who have prepared strong factions. A variety of battle tactics, powerful tanks and much more can lead you to the coveted victory. The game provides 4 modes. Score goals with tanks, try to stay alive in the Battle Royale mode, fight for resources, destroy enemy tanks and become the best team. Download Tanks a lot! Anyone who loves the topic of tanks or has played World of Tanks can use Android. The project offers a wide arsenal of weapons: artillery, machine guns, flamethrowers, railguns, shotguns and a bunch of other options. Choosing the right style, pick up the right weapons. Introduction to tanks in Tanks a lot! Some gamers choose melee combat, while others prefer only long-range battles. In close combat, you will have to fight with shotguns, various shockers, but in long-range combat, you can use a machine gun … In general, it all depends on your choice. Only if you decide to download Tanks a lot! on android, you can decide on the style of combat. Who you are? A professional sniper or a real tank moving through any obstacles? Over time, the developers are thinking of releasing updates, thanks to which the balance of teams will be made, shooting from weapons will be processed, new effects will be added, bugs will be fixed and much more. In general, the creators devote a lot of their time to the game in order to achieve positive success and gain popularity.

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