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Tap Dungeon Hero the perfect movement journey idle RPG recreation of 2023. Monsters overrun the dungeon, and he wishes a hero to place it apart. You may summon warriors, accumulate highly efficient weapons, and defeat bosses on this recreation! Now seize your sword, assemble a workforce of heroes, and be part of Sword Grasp on an epic journey to defeat the Demon Lords, Goblin Chiefs, Queen of Thorns, Amethyst Titan, Nurse spiders, Knight of the Lifeless, Valley Excessive Dragon, Skeleton King… in infinity gameplay.

Tap Dungeon Hero Mod APK 6.0.9 (Unlimited Money)

I like the fact that there is more things and the characters are not to hard to upgrade but it is hard to get gems and the powers for the main character costs to much because I got one and it cost millions of dollars but it still is a good game.. So nice Yes Djbdhdud. It's a alright game. Nice. Noice!!. Cool.

Good. Yeah pretty good. Guilds do not exist, so spending resources means it will disappear. Good. good.

Great. Boring game, been on it for two days and haven't been able to reborn, just 1 sword still, progress is super slow, there should be at least a few freebies. Perfect. Great game to play is you are an idle taping rpg game lover. Plus I'm not a bot trying to write a review for money. And yes i said it.. Its pk.

I was removed from guild every time I log-in. Could you fix it?. It's a cool game but it's a little bit too hard too click that much but I still rate it. Goooooo. Awesome!. fun.

Use approriate words to describe the buttons. Fix spelling. Have more upgrade that is not tap upgrades. It has potential. Overall it is a good clicker game.. Good. Good. . I enjoy the game so far. I do wish the guild feature would be working. I would love to see a blitz feature added to this game. After rebirthing, possibly blitz up to a certain amount of levels gaining equips from all the bosses within the time period of blitzing. I've got many ideas but I'll be patient and take things one step at a time. If you want me to communicate directly using the email. I can do that..

Seems good so far. Not too intrusive with ads, decent progression, I'm hopeful!. time killing very nice game. Addicting games and stress relief hahaha. This was a great game when i first began playing a long time ago, I watched it grow and I thought it had potential to be big. But then the developers stopped creating content. No patches or updates for months and now nearly a year on...nothing had changed. shame really. And fortis I'm updating my review from 5 star to 1 due to neglect and money grabbing.. It's tap titans but a scroller.

Nice graphics, good time waster. Nice. Not bad on start, but a lot of donate that ruins all the things. Idk. Good game.

Engaging and entertaining!. So fun when you get the idle offline stuff mode. Everypne has to get this game:). Good game. Great time waster. One problem is how long it takes for ads to load. Not my connection problem, it's something with the game.. So far so good.. Nice game.

It keeps freezing and glitching. Nc. So far it is a decent clicker game.. yay. Best tap game on android...need I say more..

The game is fine but giving people rewards for rating the game is very scummy.. Good game. A very nice but there is a gem glitch that needs fixing. Nice game. It's a good tap game.

Pls increase the times you can upgrade an artifact. X1000 is not enough and it is tiresome and boring to keep pressing the same button for hundred or thousand of times. Please make additio al x10,00 or more pls. . Very good. This is a good game. All i can say is..... THIS IS SO AMAZING.

So far v good. This game is one of my favorite idle games. great!!!!!!. Amazing. 5 stars. Thx. Do endless mode..

Tap. Nice. Its so good and im tired of taping but still i have teamates and i reach 150 stage because i love this game and i allmos had a fever because i never stop playing it and my mom gut angry. The after preparing for battle the game crashes after new update. Plz guide. Thanks. I like the game so for and it's easy to play and keep the good work and I hope you guys' make more like this in the future.

Dest game. yeah. Finally added features that players asked for for months and with them came $10 season passes every 3 weeks. Make the tutorial less intrusive. The people who download this game will most likely already know how to play a clicker/an idle game. Hhh.

Good. Stage 35 😮 good game. This is the most fun rpg game I've played in recent months, I really like this kind of hero in the dungeon to breach through the game, I hope to update more new ways to play. This game is good. Killing time is the best choice with this game.

I like it. Id suggest making it when you upgrade heroes and you want to upgrade by 100, only highlight heroes that can do 100. I like how you can sit afk and still make progress. I woke up 3 epic heirlooms and 1 legend heirloom yesterday, I love this game. Well Good Job Game Dev, You Made A Game That Crashes Instantly. Amazing, Great Job. . But Its A Good Game Over-all, I Got The Anniversary Sword. So I Won't Delete The Game Just Yet. But If It Crashes After Dec25th, Im Deleting The Game -A Player.. Good.

Just started and seems pretty fun.. Good game. Cool. Big yes. Goodbgame.

Good game. Yes Yes Yes Ye sa Yea. Idle fun and sense of progression. I started playing a few days ago and now i can't stop. Its addicting but in a good way. I recommend this game as it is definitely one of the best clicker games and more.. Lumayan buat gabut.

Im in stage 221. Is a nice game. it baffles me how this game is a 4.9 rating as of writing this. It's basically a copy and paste of tap titans as far as i remember, the game is just boring but I'll give it a 2 due to no ad popups out of nowhere (which isn't that big of a problem for clicker games). I'm not gonna talk about gameplay too much because it's well, tapping.... I can't remember my password and why cant I sign in with facebook.. Enjoyable game, only been playing a couple of hours. The game holds your hand in the beginning and explains the core mechanic's well..

Cool. Nice. Very good game the best. It's a good idle game. Your game is awesome.

Really good game It lags sometimes But I love this game. Good. Wonderful. Good little idle game love the catch music get in your head a bit. I just love the game and it has so much replay value..

Good game. Kh. Nice. a good click game. Very polished, with a great amount of playability. Lots of fun features, but there is definitely a short-term advantage to spending money (for tournaments and such). The Abyss seems like a bit of a thirsty move on behalf of the devs, but there's really only so much you can do with a casual clicker. Overall a very fun experience if you're bored every once in a while, but constant playing will burn you out if you need new content all the time..

Nice game. good. Meh.... Its really fun to play and the ads are 100% optional. Good.

Great game.. Differently the tap that the graphics so clean & nice. Good game. Fun to start.. Very cool game.

I like it. Awesome game. The game is one of the best idle games, but I think the game could use more online stuff other than guild raids.. Good. Good.

Playing for three days now and it seems that the difficulty is not increasing for me. I've already reached level 500, it's fun and all but its becoming repetitive and not challenging at all. The guild system does not work for me , whenever I try to enter a guild,it says that the guild does not exist.. Ok. Decent. Epic game guys. good game.

Epic game like roblox. Good. Its so good and im tired of taping but still i have teamates and i reach 150 stage because i love this game and i allmos had a fever because i never stop playing it and my mom gut angry. Good. Its okay.

I really do love Tap Titans since the first game. But now, after the last update on the 8th of December I cant open the game no more. It shows the loading screen and breaks down when finished loading... Please fix!. Because yes. It's so good best game in the world 1000000000000/10. Good game. Es demasiado repetitivo, no tiene nada de interesante. Es solo ir dando clicks ah y ya. No te atacan, aburrido al poco tiempo.

Love this game it is the best tap game. Noice game. It's a very funny tapping game. Great game. Super addictive and fun. Be prepared to spend a lot of time playing this game.. Best tap game ever.

Guilds function keeps dropping with network error - unable to stay in a guild longer than 6 hours is a annoyance.... very nice. Very good time waster. Good.

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