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Are you a true fan of the top fantasy publisher in the entertainment market? Whether or not you already know the designer’s products. We dare to guarantee that players will be caught up in the whirlpool of the experience. The most obvious proof is the super product Tap Fantasy. A game that is widely promoted across the entertainment front. So users can find their information most simply. Now it will be time to read through the information about this game below.

Tap Fantasy

List of Tap Fantasy Codes

Build a community with certain criteria. Although do not set too high the overall participation of the players. But the app still creates features that help you connect with players at the same time. Join the Tap Fantasy community with classic dragon fights. Along with the warriors put on shining silver armor to counterattack.

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You don’t have to search many websites, but you can still update information easily. First of all, we have to talk about the adventure plot full of adventure. Play as warriors representing justice to travel around the new land. Every place you go to will surely face black dragons, monsters, etc. Here you have to unify the strength of the heroes.

Tap Fantasy Mod


Simply place the warrior in the empty bee cells. Players will have to combine smoothly with your tactics. To move them in the pentagons to hit and dodge monsters’ attacks. Confrontation with the black dragons through a simple control mechanism. Players will be able to master it very quickly and gradually become more professional.

In a short time, users will be able to experience many strong points on the map. You will travel to new lands and meet new friends. Here you will have to face extremely fierce obstacles. But thanks to the weapons equipment and mental strength. Which players can overcome the most difficult and deadly stages.

Tap Fantasy Codes


Read and comment on the last features of the game:

  • Unlock map 

Items during your adventure will be locked. This is the basic thing to motivate users to work hard during the crepe hunts. You have to do many different ways and tasks to unlock certain items. Follow the instructions of the system to be able to own quality items. Later your inventory will have a lot of good items to use.

  • Collect items

This is a feature that allows users to search for any equipment while playing. If you want to find swords, armor, etc. With a simple and easy classification, you can filter it out. If you want to use it, the player only needs to have wear operations. From there you can flexibly swap equipment before going to battle or going to strong points.

Hack Tap Fantasy

  • Word boss

The world of monsters is still waiting for users to explore. Every step of the way you adventure in new lands. It will be the key to unlocking the mysteries. Players will be facing different monsters. Here you will have to use all your strength and breakthrough power. Aim to take down large-sized monsters.

Just hit the download button and wait for it to download to your mobile device. After success, you can experience the fun already.

Download ( V1.0.1 )
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