APK - Updated on January 20, 2023

Tap Tycoon is the most common yet interesting clicker.

Tap Tycoon  MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gems) 2.0.14

In this game, you will undertake to help a businessman greedy for money, whom you don’t feed with bread, but rather with money. And he is desperately trying to fulfill his dream and earn all the money. Well, in a sense, everything is real. He is ready day and night to collect “babosiks”, which literally fall on him from the sky, and appear from the air. Well, at least he thinks so, but you know that this is your finger trick, which throws money into the air to the greedy little man, thereby adding fuel to the fire of his greed. Along the way, you have to build a business for him, which will also bring income to your ward, whom you want to please at all costs. You have strange desires, of course, but the master is the master, and therefore you are free to act with your little man as you please.

A good and funny toy, despite the fact that this is an ordinary clicker and that it is about a greedy and probably very vile little man whom you help. This game will be enough to occupy you and your time, every time you get bored and want something distracting and relaxing. This is exactly what you need. Not a mouse, of course, but the muscles of the fingers do not atrophy either.

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