APK - Updated on January 23, 2023

Teeter Pro is an original arcade board game based on the passage of a maze. The game is made with 2d gameplay for smartphones with Android operating system. The game was developed by a studio called Thesurix, and they did it very well.

Teeter Pro  MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.11.0


When you start the game, you will have a labyrinth in front of you, through which you must roll the ball. You must not let the ball fall into the hole. There are many such holes throughout the labyrinth. If the ball hit the hole, then you start the level from the beginning.

The table for the game is created from a wooden board, grass and a plateau. The shape of the obstacles is made of metal, wood and a stone partition.

To control the ball, you need to tilt your smartphone in the right direction. Also, your smartphone must have a “G-sensor”. Even at the very beginning of the game, the difficulty level will be high. During the passage of the game, the walls of the labyrinth will change and have different properties. Near such walls, the ball will either move slowly or move in jerks.

Also during the gameplay there is nice music, very good animation graphics and real gameplay physics.

The only drawbacks of the game are the same background and a small number of settings. But ease of control, excellent gameplay and high-quality 2d graphics made this game very worthy and attractive. Recently, the developers of this game made an update and added 10 new levels.

This game requires good dexterity, ingenuity and great patience.

Also, this game is suitable for tablets with the Android operating system.

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