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It just so happens that the Tekken series has not been very popular in our area in recent years compared to other fighting games. Whether it was in the PSone era, when Tekken 3 played, probably, every owner of the coveted gray box. All subsequent parts of the series were released mainly on Sony consoles (and arcade machines, of course) and bypassed the average Russian-speaking player. Now, with the release of Tekken 7 (which is only a few months away), the situation threatens to change for the better: the game is coming not only to PS4, but also to Xbox One and, most importantly, PC. And this means that the time has come to popularize the series and collect all the most important and interesting in one material. Moreover, after numerous sparring sessions at IgroMir, there really is something to tell about the game.Tekken 7 review

The Spaniard Miguel makes it clear with all his behavior that he is not enthusiastic about the idea of ​​marriage.

family passions

The Tekken series is also Santa Barbara. The game even has a character who spent several years in a coma (okay, in a cryogenic sleep) and gave birth to a child in this state. The main plot passions revolve around the Mishima family and its three main men: son, father and grandfather – Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi, respectively. The latter came up with the idea to organize the Iron Fist tournament, which regularly attracted fighters from all over the world.

For twenty years, everything has happened in the series, and by the seventh part, its creator and chief producer Katsuhiro Harada decided that it was time to draw a line under the relationship of the main characters and, in the story mode, give answers to the questions that had long tormented the players. For example, why did Heihachi throw his son off a cliff and where did the “devil gene” come from in their family? It would seem that here it is, the finale of the long-term saga, but in an interview, Harada said that this is far from the end and that Tekken will not end with the history of the Mishima clan.

Well, a couple of words about the story mode. It will not be unique for each character and will retell the main events of the entire story from the first part – again, in order to sort everything out. But Tekken is certainly not played for the story, no matter how intriguing it may be…

Get ready for the next battle

If in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which was released five years ago, the characters could fight in pairs, then Tekken 7 returned to its roots – one-on-one battles. Old characters willingly perform their moves and adopt well-known stances, and at first glance it may seem that the next tournament of the Iron Fist is no different from the past. But actually it is not.Tekken 7 review

Jin is rightfully considered the face of the series, besides, he became the winner of the tournament more often than other fighters.

Firstly, the game itself has become much faster, and the accelerated pace is felt literally in everything. Secondly, new super moves appeared in Tekken 7 – Rage Arts and Rage Drive. They are associated with the accumulation of rage, and its level directly depends on the received blows. When a fighter has some health left and red lightning starts flashing around him, then he is already angry enough to use a powerful move and possibly turn the tide of battle. To use Rage Arts and Rage Drive, you do not need to knock out some complicated combo – just press a couple of buttons to start a spectacular cutscene, after which the enemy will lose about half of his health. For those who are used to winning at the expense of long combos, such an innovation sounded threatening, but in fact, Rage moves do not bring any imbalance into the game: they can be successfully blocked and knocked down. Yes, and you can only use rage once per battle. But she adds great tension and cinematography to the battle.

As for the characters, so far the roster does not have all the fighters that the players have loved over the long years of the series’ existence. In the version presented at IgroMir, there was, for example, neither the fatal brunette Anna Williams, nor Christie, a capoeira lover. However, there is still a timid hope that they will appear by the release. The developers regularly announce characters and introduce them gradually.

A regiment of newcomers also arrived: Filipino Josie, who was crying during the victory, Heihachi’s wife Kazumi, who gets along with tigers, an incredibly sweet fan of everything Japanese Lucky Chloe, Arab Shaheen, Brazilian Katarina … And this is not a complete list. There are so many fighters that it will be very difficult not to pick someone to your liking.

Tekken 7 review

“Juggles” have not gone anywhere, but the very mechanics of juggling with the enemy has changed a little.

Beauty more Japanese

Both old and new characters look great – it is clear that they have been working on their design for more than one day. Some “oldies” radically changed their style, some were only cosmetic changes. So, Nina Williams tried on the bride’s outfit, and Lin Xiaoyu has matured noticeably, but still wears a Chinese orange dress.

The whole picture as a whole looks very clear and bright. The arenas are designed to the smallest detail, and if you start looking at, say, the decoration of the Mishima family dojo or the stalls in the Arab bazaar, you can get so carried away that you start to miss hits. On the other hand, at first it can serve as a good excuse in case of a loss!

In a fighting game, you can still destroy parts of the level by breaking through walls and floors with the enemy. Under the feet of those who are fighting, tiles are crushed into small pieces, and, coupled with special effects from all this, even the eyes begin to get tired.

Tekken 7 review

The special guest of the seventh part is Akuma from Street Fighter. All his techniques and mechanics have been carefully transferred from one fighting game to another, so that Street Fighter fans who have never played Tekken can quickly get used to a new game for themselves.


Tekken 7 is still under active development, but it is already clear that this will be the very return that fans of the series have been waiting for so long. The Namco Bandai team, led by Katsuhiro Harada, managed to maintain a balance between old and new: on the one hand, they left time-tested mechanics and characters, and on the other, they added fresh elements and newcomers to the gameplay, which should be interesting to master.

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