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The eminent American boxer Roy Jones once said that real champions are those who, having lost one fight, go out in the next and prove that they are worth something. This formula also works in virtual competitions. The constant ups and downs are an integral part of fighting games, and in order to master the skill of swinging limbs in Tekken 7, you will have to work hard.

The long-awaited sequel to the popular series has been making its way from arcades to PC and consoles for over two years. That’s how long it took Bandai Namco, under the strict guidance of Katsuhiro Harada, to improve the balance and look of the game. But the matter was not limited to gloss alone: ​​new modes and characters appeared in the home version. It remains only to find out if it was worth the wait.

Tekken 7 game review

With self-irony and a sense of humor, Harada and company are still all right.

Fathers and Sons

The first item on the game menu is the Mishima Family Saga. The story is designed to painlessly bring people unfamiliar with the series up to date, and rare videos from past parts (which in a good way could be restored) can cause a nostalgic tear for those who have already played Tekken before. The plot screensavers organically flow into the gameplay and are made very effectively and snobbishly. The brisk pace is interrupted only by fragments with static pictures and the voice of an uninterested journalist-narrator. But if the visual part of the campaign can only be scolded, then there are much more questions about its content.

In the center of the plot is the conflict of generations of the Mishima clan and the subtleties of the relationship between the local fathers and children. The attention of the writers is riveted mainly to Heihachi and his son Kazuya. From time to time, the story switches to other heroes, but you shouldn’t really expect that the turn will reach all thirty-six fighters from the roster. At the same time, the change of heroes often happens suddenly: before you have time to study one, another is immediately given into your hands.

To prevent such castling from embarrassing or slowing down players, Tekken 7 has a “plot assistant” that allows you to perform combo attacks with one button. Although, if instead of him the same techniques were taught in stages, it would be much more practical. The battle lab from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in this regard introduced newcomers to the game much more competently.

The characters change so quickly that they don’t even really open up. Yes, this is a fighting game, and not a story game with a solid baggage behind the back of the protagonist, but why then introduce new heroes into the story at all if they are immediately driven off the stage? It would be more rational to just focus on the main family.

Tekken 7 game review

The motivation of the guest character – Akuma “I’ll wait until you get stronger, and then I’ll kill you” makes you just shrug.

In terms of canonicity, the plot chapters are well done, and the story of the appearance of the demonic gene does not cause any complaints. Unless the idea with Kazumi in the final gives rise to vague parallels with Jun and Unknown. The events of Tekken 7 allow you to take a different look at Heihachi, which is also only a plus. But for the number of chapters in history (in some of them there are even no battles), the game can no longer be praised – the saga of the Mishima family turned out to be very short and with an open ending. As promised to us in an interview with Katsuhiro Harada, the story of Tekken will not end with the seventh part.

Battle after battle

As the campaign progresses, separate chapters for the characters open, including for those who did not have enough space in the main story. The episodes are criminally short – just one fight – and often, for some reason, their action takes place at the tournament of the King of the Iron Fist, which, according to the plot, was canceled. In addition, additional chapters are now the only way to see the final cutscenes of the fighters. The scenes for which the series is famous often approach the characters with humor and reveal them in unexpected ways. In this regard, the endings in Tekken 7 are well done, but they are all exactly the same graphically. Alas, there is no more variety and stories drawn in different styles.

In addition to the story modes, the game has a heavily truncated arcade and treasure fights, reminiscent of the idea of ​​fighting ghosts. Victories over enemies unlock items for “customization” of heroes, and the more experienced the enemy, the more valuable the reward. Unlike Injustice 2, the new equipment does not provide any bonuses, although some items can be used in combat. Sometimes battles are complicated by random modifiers – their speed or amount of damage can be doubled.

There is not much local content, and there is no incentive to spend dozens of hours in single player modes. You can, of course, set a goal to get all the things and design elements, but fights with artificial intelligence will get boring sooner or later anyway. And then online enters the arena with unique sensations from each sparring. Here, too, there are several options – both ordinary one-on-one battles with friends or random opponents, and entire tournaments, whose winners will take with them a generous amount of in-game currency that can be spent on setting up your online profile and, again, “customizing” the fighters .

Tekken 7 game review

Appearance settings will satisfy even the most imaginative players – both people with a heightened sense of beauty and those who like to break the morale of the enemy will find the ideal option for themselves.

Fluttering like a butterfly, sting like a bee

One of the most notable features of the Tekken games is the three-dimensionality, not only in graphics, but also in the movement of fighters in space. From the very first part, participants in the Iron Fist Tournament could move in three dimensions – habitually step back and forth and jump up, as well as “strafe” to the sides, which gave rise to a number of opportunities and tactical tricks.

Despite the fact that the new game feels like the same fighting game, there are a number of changes in it. The most obvious of these is the introduction of special Rage attacks. If earlier the state of rage only increased the power of slaps, now it has turned into a full-fledged “comeback” mechanic, designed to equalize the chances in battle.

When a fighter’s health indicator drops below 30% and a red aura begins to hover around him, you can spend all the accumulated anger on Rage Art or Rage Drive, which will hurt the enemy and take off a significant part of his “lives”. This innovation added entertainment and tension to the battles. Seeing that the enemy has already reached the desired condition, you expect to use a super move that can turn the tide of the fight. At the same time, Rage is easy to waste: it can be blocked or managed to land a quick strike and kill the enemy if he had very few forces left. Therefore, you need to choose the moment for an attack of aggression very carefully, especially when fighting against an experienced opponent.

Tekken 7 game review

Each fighter in Tekken 7 has a unique Rage Art. Harada said that the techniques were deliberately made so varied and spectacular that it was also interesting for those watching from the side to follow the game.

The changes didn’t end with the rage system alone. In the fighting game, slow-motion playback of especially tense and controversial moments was added. For example, when hitting at the same time, time slows down, and it becomes clear whose fist first touched someone else’s body. The overall speed of the battle, on the contrary, only increased. The game has become faster and tougher, and therefore, to make it easier for beginners to understand it, characters that are easier to learn have been introduced. For example, the Brazilian Katarina is able to get the most out of unpretentious combos.

A grapple can now be broken with just one button – you no longer need to follow the enemy’s movements and determine by eye which of the moves he is performing. The “juggling” system has also changed a bit: now the “bound” – a blow that hits the enemy on the floor and makes him bounce off – can only be performed at the beginning of the combo. And in order to prevent someone else’s carcass from sinking to the ground, you need to contrive in other ways.

An opponent can also be knocked out with the help of the environment. In Tekken 7, there are still arenas where the floor and walls break through, and if you correctly fit the destruction of the situation with the body of the enemy into your combo, then the result will definitely not disappoint.

Tekken 7 game review

The transition to Unreal Engine 4 added gloss and polish to the game. Although sometimes there are so many special effects and small details on the screen that you start to get tired of them.


There are things that do not change over the years. Grass grows, birds fly, waves wash the shore. And in the Iron Fist tournament, fighters beat each other. And every time it’s fun to watch. The developers from Namco Bandai, led by Katsuhiro Harada, once again managed to refresh the old mechanics and make Tekken 7 interesting for both beginners and those familiar with the series since the first PlayStation.

It is important to understand that this fighting game was primarily created in order to play with friends or “pump” skills online. Despite the fact that Tekken, among other things, is also an esports discipline, the game is suitable for any company, beautiful, spectacular hits are obtained even by those who press all the buttons in a row. To get involved in the process and enjoy it, you need quite a bit, but to understand its full depth, it will take a lot of time and effort.

Pros: an updated roster of fighters and rich opportunities for their “customization”; new and time-tested gameplay elements complement each other well.

Cons: Little content for single-player modes, no incentive to play against artificial intelligence; mediocre story mode; the soundtrack is weaker than in previous installments.

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