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Season one The Walking Dead from telltale turns ten years old. In honor of this publisher skybound games published a small documentary about how the game was created. The developers talked about the first sketches and showed prototypes – it turns out that once the project was based on the universe Left 4 Dead.

The chain of events was as follows:

  • Some years telltale made more or less classic humorous adventure games, since the studio was founded by people from LucasArts. For example, then the command issued Sam&Max and Tales of Monkey Island.

  • At one of the festivals, employees telltale met Robert Kirkman, creator of the Walking Dead universe. He loved the web series Homestar Runner and telltale just released a game based on it. So Kirkman got acquainted with creativity telltaleand then at a personal meeting offered cooperation.

Images from the prototype when the game was already based on The Walking Dead.

  • Back then, Kirkman was thinking about how zombies are represented in games. Basically it was all sorts of militants like Left 4 Dead or zombie mode call of duty. When Kirkman thought that his “Walkers” could be made into a game, he came to the conclusion that it would be action again, and there were already enough action games about zombies. Therefore, he was very interested in the idea telltale – a game about zombies, but with a big bet on the plot.

  • The very first draft of a zombie game from telltale based on Left 4 Dead. The studio has been negotiating valve and offered to do a story spin-off. That option was a text-based game with progress bars: if you didn’t pay attention to a character, he could boil over and disrupt other characters’ storytelling. With Left 4 Dead things didn’t work out, but the plot intonations of the concept overlapped very well with the setting of The Walking Dead.

  • The studio has begun creating prototypes for The Walking Dead. They were assembled on the knee: for example, once it was a first-person game, where a character model from Sam&Max. The location from the prototype was nevertheless dragged into the final version – it became a morgue in the fifth episode The Walking Dead.

  • Kirkman and telltale began to grope for specific details of the plot. One of the first ideas is to tell a story about a young man who is raising his sister. However, the team realized that it was difficult to develop relationships between characters who, by the time of the game’s events, had already known each other for many years. Around that time, Lee and Clementine appeared, who meet by chance.

In the full version, the documentaries touch a bit on other topics: the episodic pattern, community reactions, and the legacy that the first season left behind. The Walking Dead from telltale. True, there are not so many specifics.

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