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TerraGenesis – Space Colony is the most realistic space exploration simulation ever. Here the player will be able to go into space every day and discover completely new worlds. All this will be unrealistically fun and interesting.

TerraGenesis – Space Colony
  MOD APK (Free Download) 6.31

Embark on a space adventure and enjoy your journey through many different worlds. You can build absolutely any planet with your own hands, and all this action will be based on realistic science. In the process of participating in TerraGenesis – Space Colony, players will be able to feel how the dynamics of the gameplay grows with each next level. The player will learn many features about the biosphere and all the data in the game is completely based on NASA. From now on, the huge galaxy will be your playing field, and here you can colonize any planets that belong to the solar system. Learn about the existence of alien worlds and try to colonize them. The possibilities of this gameplay are limitless, and you will immediately understand it. Learn how to Terraform and learn a lot about this cosmic feature. Conquest of real space in TerraGenesis -Space colony At the very beginning, the player will be able to choose any of the four existing galactic groupings. You will need to join it in order to start traveling in space. Players from TerraGenesis – Space Colony get a real opportunity to colonize a huge number of new planets and worlds. In addition, there are other colonists in this world that the player has yet to meet. Operate around the world and explore new, more aggressive habitats. This whole world is based on the real laws of physics, space and history. Under the control of the player will be his own civilization, which must be developed and improved in the process of passing the exploration of outer space.

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