Codes New - Updated on December 14, 2022

THE ALCHEMIST CODE is a modern Japanese game that is already popular with millions of users and you can join them. Go to an unknown world and try to save the hero there.

 Codes Wiki (2023 February)
All Codes Expiration date
ANL7XMFCUR4 January 8, 2023
SLQE974KD6 February 11, 2023
W3Y9GHPOV January 15, 2023
9BKWGL32SEN February 6, 2023
1CM8HRAEGBU4 December 22, 2022
1ZFM68YQLB0 December 29, 2022
9G5U4ICLQR8 December 29, 2022
UQEZJSTXIB January 31, 2023
LKNT8QHZ1 December 31, 2022
7EAQ0FB8JGS December 23, 2022
KHPY2QAEWO1X December 31, 2022
48ILGKO52M3 February 11, 2023

High quality tactical game awaits users. The fascinating world of Japanese anime will give only pleasure to users and a sea of ​​pleasant sensations. Looks great high-quality volumetric graphics in THE ALCHEMIST CODE, made using the latest technology. Master the magic and gradually change this world. Peculiarities:

  • Great Japanese anime;
  • A huge number of settings and modes;
  • A huge world of battles and tactical actions;
  • Multiplayer mode and team battles.

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