News - Updated on May 17, 2022

A few hours ago, plums from Abandoned. The author of the leak claimed that the game does not exist and is generally one big scam. As it turned out a little later, everything is not quite so: it’s just another rake, which was stepped on in a big way Blue Box Game Studios.

First, about the leak. The @VGnewsinsider account (now deleted) posted assets from Abandonedincluding frames from the test levels, a label for an in-game bottle, an excerpt from the script, a piece of some kind of picture with an inscription Silent Hill 5 and like the cover of the soundtrack from the prologue.

VGNewsinsider wrote that the concept Abandoned constantly changing: at first the game was called Scars of Survivalbut then the developers had a leak, and the name was changed to Zero cell. This version was also leaked, as the head of the studio, Hasan Kahraman, allegedly uploaded an mp3 file to his website from Zero cell. “The last time I found out, the game was about vampire cultists (no kidding), but I doubt that this concept is still alive,” VGnewsinsider told.

According to an anonymous person, Kahraman constantly lies, and the only thing that is being developed in blue box – this is the same prologue. And even then only in order to attract investors’ money.

Some material from the leak. The full version is available here.

The second stage of the story happened when dataminer and blogger Lance McDonald published a leak from VGnewsinsider. After a short time, he deleted the tweets: Kahraman contacted him and explained what kind of leak this was. We quote Macdonald:

Today I spoke with Hassan. He confirmed that the images are real and taken from private conversations between him and loyal fans. Abandoned in a private group. Images are published with a special context: these are various assets that are not part of the project, raw drafts and even jokes (for example, Silent Hill 5; Hassan says that there were other jokes in the group, such as about metal gear).

These images were taken by someone, stripped of all context, and reposted on Twitter (and copied to Imgur), framing them as if they were part of a scam or even just a failed project. As Hasan explains, these images are actually best described as random assets with different contexts that the developers sent to their friends.

Hasan and various members of the group wanted to talk about this, as they were upset that their posts were presented in a completely different light. I wrote this post for Hasan’s sake to give the right context to the whole leak. Hassan was very open with me about the project and provided all the information I needed to write this post.

If we accept MacDonald’s story as the truth, it turns out that blue box there was another unsuccessful contact with his community. This is not the first or second time this has happened at the studio: for example, Kahraman had to convince people for a long time that Abandoned is not a secret project of Hideo Kojima (Hideo Kojima), and the release of the teaser application turned into a PR disaster. At the same time, there is information that Abandoned – this is still a real game, just a series of failures pursues it.

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