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The team of bloggers and translators NikiStudio unearthed a curious story: it turns out that the authors Disco Elysium seriously planned to do voice acting in Russian and even negotiated with a recording studio. The idea was eventually abandoned, but early drafts of the dub remained online.

Viktor Voron, co-founder of the studio, spoke about the unfulfilled plans of the developers RavenCat. She handles both official and fan-made voiceovers and has worked on, for example, Dying Light 2 (together with “Bukoy”), “Bunny” And “Black Book”.

Raven says that he first met Disco Elysium at the DevGAMM conference – then ZA / UM was an unknown Estonian studio and showed their game on a tiny booth. Disco Elysium Raven impressed. When he saw the trailers, he decided to dub them in Russian and post them on the channel RavenCat.

Trailer with voice acting from RavenCat.

The videos were successfully duplicated, published on YouTube and forgotten about. But shortly before the release Disco Elysium in the comments under one of the translated trailers, Kaur Kender showed up – executive producer ZA / UM. Kender said he liked the job RavenCatbut RavenCat suggested that Kender voice the game officially.

The producer shared the priorities of his team: first of all, we need English voice acting, secondly, Russian, and thirdly, if there is enough money, Estonian. RavenCat even agreed to ZA / UM will pay for another trailer, which will be a teaser for Russian voice acting. The trailer was made and sent to the developers. At that time, the translation with dubbing was scheduled for 2022.

However, then ZA / UM stopped responding, Raven recalls. This happened around release. Disco Elysiumthat’s why RavenCat felt that the developers might be up to their ears with patches or something. About a month later RavenCat reminded me of myself. ZA / UM apologized for her silence, paid for three videos (that is, including those two that came out before negotiations with Kender), and disappeared again.

Another trailer with voice acting from RavenCat. The video came out when Disco Elysium had a different name – No Truce with the Furies.

Thereafter RavenCat began to learn news about the transfer Disco Elysium together with ordinary players: first there were news about fan localization, and then about professional localization, from the company Testronic. Eventually RavenCat I contacted not the developers, but the translators, and they answered: Russian voice acting Disco Elysium no longer planned.

The game shot, they raised a lot of money, decided to add full English voice acting there and decided to stop there, “people already eat it up.” Here is such a sad story, as we did not voice Disco Elysium.

Victor Voron

More about translation Disco Elysium you can read in our special material. NikiStudio also promises to soon release a big video about the localization of the game, where editor Anna Mironova and community manager Volga Kapitonova will talk about the intricacies of the process.

Full video from NikiStudio with Viktor Voron’s story.

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