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Coming out very soon Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin – spin-off and part-time free remake of the first Final Fantasy, which even before the release was remembered for its cringe dialogues. He got his first marks in the press: many write that the game is really full of Spanish shame, but you can even enjoy it.

At the time of writing the news Stranger of Paradise worth 76 out of 100. Here are some quotes from the reviews:

Stranger of Paradise thinks she is “James Bond” with Daniel Craig, when in fact it is Austin Powers. The game almost always challenges your sense of seriousness, whether it’s an absurd scenario, an overcomplicated story, or empty characters. There are also a lot of technical problems. But somehow, in spite of everything, the game manages to fascinate with its shortcomings and turns into good entertainment. Maybe we did not understand the plot, but we liked it.

Push Square (6/10).

One of the most popular Stranger of Paradise memes is the (joking) protagonist accusing Chaos of the most imaginable and unimaginable sins. “Chaos hates capitalism, but takes part in it! Chaos downloaded dolphin porn onto my computer—that’s how it ended up there!” The video appeared after the first trailer of the game, where the main character repeats many times that he needs to “kill Chaos”.

Stranger of Paradise is a B-movie style game. She’s loud, dumb, but fun. You have to ignore a lot – a lot! – problems if you want to extract joy from her chaotic heart. But if you get it right, play around with the weapons, break through poorly explained mechanics, and forgive Jack for his flat nature, you’ll see a game that is kind of Devil May Crypartly Niohpartly “No face”. And honestly, who would say no to that?

VG24/7 (3/5).

Those who are only interested in the combat system will have colorful entertainment, especially if you treat it as an attraction based on Final Fantasy, where you can meet the familiar bestiary – bombs! smokers! marlboro! — and shred it into loot of bright colors. At the extreme, the game can be seen as a more accessible and less demanding “soullike” (“soullight”?). Or maybe you’ll do like Jack and say, “That’s bullshit,” and walk away.

Eurogamer (not rated).

An example of a cringe in a script: the protagonist meets his partners for the first time. They only get close because they have the same pebbles. Chaos is there too.

Technical performance is often criticized in the reviews: someone writes that the game slows down even on PS5, someone is surprised at the hack in audio mixing, and someone adds that the lack of budget is too noticeable – some locations are really beautiful, but most are furnished too poor. On the other hand, apart from the technical problems, many note the excellent fan service for fans Final Fantasy.

Release Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin will take place on March 18 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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