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The main character of The Big Con is Ali, a girl who works at her mother’s video store and is happy with her life. But the mother wants the best for the child, and therefore insists that Ali go to a music camp and not give up playing the trombone. Things are packed, the bus will arrive soon, and creditors come into the room at the right time – they demand that the mother pay off a huge debt (about a hundred thousand dollars), otherwise the business will close in ten days.

Bad Company

Not far from the video store, the heroine meets Ted. This guy teaches Ali bad things by explaining how to steal money from random passers-by. But in this way, the required amount cannot be accumulated, and Ted has grandiose plans – to get to the city, clearly inspired by Las Vegas, and turn some business there. Wanting to save his mother’s business, Ali gets on a bus and pretends to go to a music camp.

The Big Con is reminiscent of a sitcom – there is no division into episodes, unlike the 3 out of 10 dilogy, but the manner of narration is a bit similar. There are plenty of good jokes (you can even turn on off-screen laughter in the settings), the characters are cute, and the plot is surprisingly interesting – by the end I really wanted to know how it would end. In a couple of moments, the dialogues are slightly delayed, but this is not critical.

The Big Con: Обзор

Lenders, of course, are like mafiosi.

When there is no one to communicate with, Ali is engaged in theft. You can approach each person you meet from behind and hold down the button on the gamepad, which must be released at the moment when the arrow hits a certain section of the scale. Judging by the training screen, the steeper the contents of the victim’s pockets, the more difficult it will be to hit the target – the arrow moves faster, and the area becomes much smaller. In fact, the difficulty seemed to change by chance – sometimes $ 200 got me easier than $ 100.

There are no witness mechanics here, so you can only fail the theft if you release the button at the wrong time. Then the target will stop talking to you, and this is fraught with blocking of its task. If you are caught three times within the same location, you will have to take part in a primitive mini-game (hold the button for a few seconds), all angry people will sharply cheer up, and you will be able to talk to them again. In the end, it doesn’t matter at all whether you skip these tasks or complete them, but the sediment will remain in the first case. Yes, and some achievements will not drop out.

The Big Con: Обзор

If an icon with a pocket appears in the corner, then you have not yet robbed this victim.

Need more money

Toward the middle of the story, the theft mini-game bored me – fortunately, in the settings you can turn on automatic theft. Much more fun to explore locations, communicate with everyone and help them. In the shopping center we meet a father who did not have time to buy a toy for a child, and we are looking for ways to steal it from someone. A passenger on a train complains about the bright light of the sun – we are trying to save him from the threat of sunstroke.

I recommend that you immediately turn off this mini-game.

There are also more interesting quests, especially those that are designed for attentiveness. Sometimes, having received information from one character, we can convince another of something. Or it will be the same hero, we just quietly eavesdrop on his conversation. Ali writes down all the necessary details in his diary, but you cannot open it during the dialogue – you have to answer everything from memory. If you made a mistake somewhere, the outcome will be the same as with a failed theft – the character will stop communicating with you. These moments are some of the best in the game, especially when you find yourself on a train with two stock traders.

With a variety of quests and the ability to explore areas while scavenging for junk, The Big Con remains fun right up to its denouement. For four hours, I never had a feeling of being dragged out, the plot did not stagnate, and many jokes made me smile. This is the case when additional content is no less interesting than the main one. All people say something (or rather, a “cloud” with text appears – the remarks are not voiced here), and those who issue tasks or dream about something have highlighted words in their phrases and a button that starts a full-fledged dialogue. Every time I was glad to see her, it means that there is a reason to spend extra minutes in the game.

The Big Con: Обзор

In almost all major locations, the camera is located on top.

But sometimes the game requires you to be even more careful than in the side missions, vaguely explaining the next goal. If you missed the line in which the character said where he would be waiting for you, get ready to wander back and forth in an attempt to stumble upon him. You encounter this in a large location, which you get into in the second half of the game – and the heroine’s movement speed is not encouraging, and rare dead ends interfere.

The Big Con is a stylish and fun adventure, after which you are glad that you paid attention to it. From the outside, the game looks unsightly, but you quickly get used to the visual style and pay attention to other advantages, such as good gameplay and good humor. It’s a pity, minor flaws slightly lubricate the impression.

Pros: interesting where the story will lead; good jokes; cute characters; a variety of quests, thanks to which it is exciting to explore locations.

Cons: the theft mini-game is tiring (fortunately, it can be disabled in the settings); for a couple of moments it is not clear where to go.

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