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Coming to The Blade of The Three Kingdoms: Return you have to go through the bloody historical past of the Three Kingdoms period. A pointless match between two formidable opposing factions. He prayed for peace for individuals to always be at peace and lucky. Those who do not want to conquer new lands. The battle begins when the two sides meet and you are the one affected by it. The battle has begun, do you have the ability to contribute?

Play as characters you admire. Choose your fashion warrior. Together on the thorny road ahead. Continue writing the heroic history of heroic battles. Register your title and instantly become part of the story. Discover the good opportunities that happened during the Three Kingdoms period in this special world.

The Blade of The Three Kingdoms: Return

The intelligent flexible movement mechanism

Use simple characters with special curlers. Switch characters by rolling the curler in the direction you need. This can show you how to get the character to the situation you require. Mastering this mechanism properly will help you avoid or overcome major trauma. Observe hand movements by shifting gears well. More often than not, you will become more skilled.

81 generals

Join The Blade of The Three Kingdoms: Return now for a chance to own the free champion you need. For quick personalization, you can quickly register and download. Is the treasure of most of the most elite and highly effective warriors. Ready for you to recruit and collect on the way of the journey. Review each aspect together with your favorite champions. Freely manage PK for great rewards.

Play now to get a pet

Journey across the map with your wedding animal. Unlock simple wedding animals when reaching the extreme level. Each Pet has completely different strengths and abilities. All of them are important elements that show you how to change the state of your work. Get started now to get these uncommon special pets. Proud to own magical horses… unique in a fantasy world just for you.

Get a giant code while you invite your friends to stamp. Rank yourself on the famed environment of The Blade of The Three Kingdoms. The faster you are, the better deals you will get.

Download ( V2.36.1 )
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