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publishing house “Bomb” more than once released Russian translations of books about games – for example, “DOOM. How a new genre was tempered in battles with demons” and “Spent. The Boundless History of the Creation of GTA. Today, April 11, it became known that another work about the game franchise, Resident Evil. The resident evil of the gaming industry.

The original title of the book is Itchy, Tasty: An Unofficial History of Resident Evil. It was written by Alex Aniel – business manager of the publishing house Limited Run Games in Japan and part-time a big fan of “Resident Evil”. The work contains exclusive facts about Resident Evil and comments of its creators.

The history of the Russian title of the book is interesting. In English Itchy, Tasty is a phrase-meme. It was written by a character who had gone mad in the first part, who began to itch and went insane after killing a colleague and eating all the dog food. The Russian version of the phrase did not work as a title, so the translators had to get out:

In amateur (there was no official) translations, most often the phrase was translated as “Itchy, tasty” or “Itchy, tasty.” Of course, the phrase has cultural value and is tied to a context that is very poorly transferred to Russian. Firstly, there is no such memeticity. Whatever one may say, in the Russian-speaking community the original is more often quoted (according to my observations), and secondly, a literal translation is simply not suitable for selling a book. Let’s be honest, it’s not perfect in the original either: a person who is unfamiliar with the series / the first part simply does not understand the joke, but here the memeticity comes to the rescue, which saves the situation, and the subtitle, which clarifies what this book is all about.

With subheadings “Bombs” there are no problems, as we know, so half the work is done – just write something about the “rezik”. With the main name, as I said, there was a long thought. On April 1 last year, I jokingly announced that the title of the book would be Scary, Knock It Out, meaning that it was most likely the final version. Another book with a meme title, but the original did not call itself such a thing … A.

We even planned to invite the guys from MoiNhat for a quote, but at some point we began to revise the name in the context of its placement on the cover. That’s how the idea for the cover you see came about. The name of the franchise, under which the two most recognizable heroes who in the main games have never crossed. And a meme reference with a sandwich. We love memes. Memes.

Mikhail Bocharov, translator

Resident Evil. The resident evil of the gaming industry is available for pre-order at a price of 839 rubles.

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