News - Updated on March 29, 2022

Factorio Celebrates Anniversary: ​​February 25 marks the sixth anniversary of the game’s launch on Steam. The significant date was marked with a blog entry, where the developers revealed the circulation and at the same time talked about Steam Deck support.

To date, the circulation of the game has exceeded 3.1 million copies. According to the authors, during all this time the project has never taken part in sales or bundles, which makes the achievement especially cool.

To be fair, price fluctuations Factorio still were:

  • In the US, the cost increased from $20 to $30 in April 2018 – as the developers then considered, there was enough new content in the game to justify the increase in price.

  • In Russia, the fluctuations were different: in February 2016 Factorio fell in price from 900 to 500 rubles, and in April 2018 it went up by only 20 rubles. Apparently, the recommended regional prices offset the increase in dollars.

Five minutes of Factorio gameplay on Steam Deck.

Factorio also prepared for release on Steam Deck. The authors say that technically everything is fine:

  • The game has a native Linux build, so the Proton compatibility layer is not used.

  • Battery life is about 5 hours 45 minutes at medium screen brightness and with an average gaming factory.

  • Reasonably sized factories produce 60 fps.

Problems Factorio on Deck lies in the controls: the game has always been “sharpened” for the keyboard and mouse. In Steam, you can dodge with Steam Input and customize your controller, touchpad, and touchscreen layouts, but customizing your profile will require a lot of patience and a good understanding of layers, actions, pie menus, and other Steam Input bells and whistles.

Note that there are officially recommended layouts and community layouts in Steam Input that can be shared with each other, but the authors Factorio For some reason this is not mentioned.

To facilitate gameplay with controllers, developers plan to introduce full support for gamepads. The task is not easy, so the feature should be expected only in a few months. For now Factorio will receive only a number of visual improvements to the interface so that it looks good in 800p – the native resolution of Steam Deck.

Now for Factorio they are preparing a big addition – they say there will be as much content as in the main game. The basic version is not abandoned – in their blog, the developers highlighted several recent fixes.

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