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System Shock 3 alive, but torn through painful changes. Now a Chinese corporation is going to publish the game Tencent, and who exactly will be engaged in the development is not very clear. For example, the creator of the franchise, Warren Spector, stated that he had not been involved in production for a long time. System Shock 3.

This became known from a recent interview with Spector from GamesBeat.

Can you tell me how things are going for you OtherSide in recent years? Seems to be working on System Shock 3 finished for you. I don’t know if I chose the right word.
We issued a statement last year. There is nothing more to say at the moment. The future of the franchise is now in control Tencent. It’s up to them what they say. I will not give you any further explanation.
How long have you been working on [System Shock 3]?
— We worked on it in 2018 and 2019. That’s all.
How big was the game team?
– It seems that there were 17 people in the peak.

System Shock 3 had a gameplay teaser in 2019. How much it reflects the current state of the game is unknown.

Spector’s words about 2018 and 2019 somewhat contradict the comments of another employee OtherSide: in mid-2020, it was mentioned that the studio is still involved in the development System Shock 3. However, we do not know what meaning was put into the word “participates” – maybe OtherSide really stopped production of the game in 2019, and in the middle of 2020 only helped to find a new team.

In the same interview, Spector says that for him, parting with System Shock 3 It turned out to be very painful: “You know, I take it personally. Game development for me is not just a job. It took quite a long time to recover from the blow and return to creativity again.

The remake of the first System Shock is being done by a completely different team – Nightdive Studios. There is much better progress.

Another curious moment – Spector is negative about NFTs, but gives a small chance to the metaverse in the future:

I will not be patted on the head for such a statement. There will be people who will scold me for what the world is worth for what I am going to say now, but I, in general, do not care. NFT is nonsense. I don’t understand why anyone would want to jump on that train. Restriction on the ownership of digital goods that can be instantly produced in unlimited quantities. Who even thinks this is a good idea? So I have no interest in NFT.

The Metaverses, yes, maybe someday, but to be honest, they will come when I’m gone. And I’m glad about it. I like living in the real world. I don’t find it appealing to put on a helmet and interact with people virtually without knowing that my wife is coming up behind me with a baseball bat. And I don’t think you can cite current social networks as an example. I have not used social networks for two years, or even almost three. I just gave up. I’m tired of people who upset me, tired of the time they took. Social networks did not add anything useful to my life.

Now studio OtherSide and Spector are working on two games: one in the immersive sim genre, and the other based on Dungeons & Dragons, which the developer also spoke about in an interview. Whether to wait for something good is not clear: on the one hand, Warren Spector is a legendary game designer, father System Shock And Deus Exand on the other hand, OtherSide so far there has been only one full-fledged release, and the game turned out very badly there.

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