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An uncomplicated adventure on the phone takes the player into a mysterious and gloomy forest, where, according to rumors, the wise oak lives. To get to it, a lover of night adventures must pass through a dense thicket inhabited by dangerous creatures. Along the way, the player needs to collect mushrooms that have grown densely along the entire path and beyond.

Setting Features

The plot is based on a meme about a wise tree with a human face. It gained popularity in September 2022 and has since spread rapidly across the internet. In turn, the developers of The Curse of The Wise Tree quest took this meme as the basis of their game, making the mystical oak the main boss. The user will strive for this tree in the process of passing. It is worth noting that the original meme was slightly adapted in accordance with the general setting of the game.

Gameplay Overview

At the first stage, the user is greeted with instruction plates, which describe the details of controlling the hero and the meaning of the entire mission (it is to collect mushrooms). The player looks at everything that happens in the first person, while holding two objects in his hands – a crucifix and a lamp. The lamp should be used to illuminate the darkest parts of the forest, which the player can enter by turning off the main path.

How to defeat enemies

However, it is better not to go far into the thicket, because mysterious creatures – spirits – live in it. Like the entire plot of the game Curse of the Wise Oak, they are a reference to popular memes; moreover, the picture itself is located in the place of the head of the spirit, while the rest of the silhouette resembles an ordinary human body. Enemies appear straight out of the darkness of the forest and start chasing the player until they are destroyed.

To protect against violent attacks, the mushroom picker must use a crucifix. With it, you can send a fireball, a stream of water or even lightning towards the enemy. In order to completely destroy the spirit, it is necessary to inflict significant damage. At the same time, the battle with spirits does not even closely resemble a fight with a wise oak, which is distinguished by considerable strength. In addition, the tree has a health bar, while the spirits do not.

picking mushrooms

In between defense and attack, the player must collect mushrooms. Usually they grow along the path, but sometimes they appear in other places located a little further from the main road. The mushroom counter is located in the upper right corner and is reset if the hero dies. There is no reward for collecting, so the mushroom picker is motivated solely by his own interest in passing.

Additional features

A simple but addictive meme game that makes an unforgettable impression thanks to its atmosphere. The day in The Curse of The Wise Tree never comes, and the hero is constantly surrounded by angular trees of various shapes and sizes. In this case, the player can point the camera in different directions, considering not only the thicket of the forest, but also the beautiful night sky. The main thing is not to forget to lower your head in time, otherwise the mushroom picker will seriously suffer from the blow of the meme spirit.

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