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The protagonist of the story, together with his detachment, returns to his hometown, which, unfortunately, is destroyed. It will take a lot of effort, as well as time and money, to restore it. The revival is complicated by the fact that inside and outside the city there is a bunch of traitors who are ready to destroy everything to the ground again. To save his native land from enemy raids, the hero will have to fight off opponents, upgrade his skills and complete difficult missions.


The gameplay of The Elder Scrolls: Blades begins with the character creation menu. It features several races: orcs, redguards, forest, dark and high elves, argonians, bretons, imperials, khajiit and nords. Each race has advantages, disadvantages and bonuses, which are reflected to the right of the character portrait. Depending on the chosen character class, the player gains access to either physical or magical abilities.

During the passage, the user can change the race by talking to Theodore Gorlash. For the convenience of the player, all dialogues and inscriptions in the application have been translated into Russian.

How to defeat enemies

To successfully complete missions and destroy enemies, the hero must develop skills using the skill tree. To improve this or that ability, the player spends talent points: they are replenished when a new level is reached. Magical races have unlocked skills related to spells. Also in the game there are passive skills that should be pumped periodically for the versatile development of the character.

In addition to abilities and spells, the player can use various weapons. Weapons can be obtained by examining the chests and bodies of defeated opponents. From time to time, weapons and equipment get damaged: to repair equipment, you should contact the blacksmith. However, the blacksmith does not work for free, so the player will have to pay a considerable amount for repairs.

Missions and quests

Missions in TES: Blades are divided into three types: tasks, assignments and tests. Tasks make up the main storyline, so their completion is mandatory. Bounties are world quests that are not related to the story, but allow you to earn coins and experience points. Challenges are designed for the most active fighters who want to try their hand at difficult game conditions. Tests are limited in time and are updated every hour of real time.

How to run if the device is not supported

Some players are facing a problem installing The Elder Scrolls: Blades on their phone: when downloading, the application says “your device is not supported”. First, the user needs to check whether the smartphone meets the specified system requirements – for example, the amount of RAM must be at least 3 GB. If the phone’s power is not enough, but you want to play, then the user can try to install the application not through the official store, but using the apk file. Such a file can be easily downloaded from the Internet.

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