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The Escapists is an advanced pixelated world of incarceration where you always want to get out. Characteristic graphics will appeal to all connoisseurs of such games, and addictive gameplay will not let you get bored for a minute. Planning a jailbreak is a delicate matter, so it should be approached with all responsibility. You need to carefully study the situation. Collect all useful items, learn the rules of behavior in the prison society, follow the habits of the guards, and you will become closer to the cherished will.
The unique app The Escapists will allow you to experience the beauty of real freedom. Implementing a daring escape plan will not be so easy, but this will only enhance the effect of the first breath in the wild. Do not arouse the suspicions of the guards, look for loopholes in the system, plan everything carefully, and you will be rewarded. Immersion in the prison atmosphere will captivate everyone who appreciates worthy excitement, when only big stakes are at stake and it remains only to take the right step to obtain the desired freedom.
Game Features:

The Escapists
 Gift Codes (2023 January)
All Codes Expiration date
ZVNUKS0J7OQ February 7, 2023
ALSF7VOW3Y February 13, 2023
L30I6UKZC January 20, 2023
TL7JWP863SM February 24, 2023
0THJKW9GOXFU February 5, 2023
CGZBO753X8R February 23, 2023
W93U1TVOQ58 February 8, 2023
7OUG5V8CL3 February 16, 2023
A4X6H5OFY January 28, 2023
MB9OVF3IY6G January 16, 2023
1W9KVINJYU6A February 6, 2023
EHUYBM86ZVT January 21, 2023
  • characteristic pixel graphics;
  • exciting gameplay;
  • many exciting levels;
  • simple control;
  • pleasant music.

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