News - Updated on April 13, 2022

Iconic RPG series last became one of the most influential in the industry. Its no less cult creator Richard “Lord British” Garriott (Richard Garriott) is not resting on his laurels, but is engaged in a new project – a so far unnamed MMO on the blockchain.

Garriott works with a longtime partner in Latest VI Todd Porter. The project is in the early stages of development, which is why it still hasn’t got a name. He develops the ideas of the familiar formula last: This is a top-down isometric RPG set in a fantasy world. The team has secured traditional funding sources for the game, but expects additional revenue from the sale of digital land as NFTs.

An example of one of the NFTs is a piece of land in a collectible case.

According to the authors, the owners of the site are free to dispose of it at their discretion, for example, open a tavern, a trading shop, or place a portal there to a dungeon created by someone. Also, such property makes a profit:

If you become the owner of an NPC-run inn, you will be able to receive material rewards simply for the fact that you helped create this institution.

Garriott and Porter do not deny that they intend to create something like a digital class of in-game owners, but emphasize that the idea is not new. So, a lively secondary market for items appeared in Last Online. People started selling things from the game on eBay, which the studio could not make money on, and gamers put themselves at significant risk. Blockchain, according to the developers, is just a way to make the economy more transparent and fair.

Developers have heard a lot about the attitude of gamers towards NFTs and the problems associated with cryptocurrencies. They stated that they share the concerns of users and create a project with these concerns in mind. The game will not attract more people to the crypto ecosystem. However, according to Garriott, their creation still has too many problems for at least someone to want to play it.

The creators note that at the moment the market is unable to offer good NFT-based games, since tokens are still a fairly young technology. Garriott and Porter are going to present a product with an addictive gameplay in which users can earn money on their content. “If you create a super popular gaming space, I hope you make a lot of money from it, because it means we have a lot of happy people there,” Garriott said.

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