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Techland promised to support Dying Light 2 at least five years. So far, only cosmetic DLC and parkour challenges have been released for the game, but two story expansions will appear in the future. In a recent interview, the studio spoke in more detail about the upcoming addition and plans for the future.

Senior game designer Dying Light 2 Tymon Smektała admitted that the team immediately tuned in to long-term support for the game, but the decision on a five-year period was approved only towards the end of 2021. In his opinion, building good relationships and interacting with the community is beneficial for developers.

For Techland it was a big surprise how quickly some gamers accumulated a hundred or more hours of zombie action and therefore started asking for more. Some of the most frequently requested features include New Game+, Photo Mode, and additional difficulty levels. “At the moment we are discussing these things and working on them. I don’t want to go into details, but very soon people will start to notice how these things will appear in the game in one form or another,” the game designer shared.

As it turned out, the announced support plan does not contain all the planned content. Smektala specified that for the first year Dying Light 2 will receive more content related to online play, single player and storytelling, as well as platforming elements.

As for the first paid DLC, it will really surprise gamers, as promised during the GDC conference. For example, the add-on does not continue the story after the ending, but its events take place parallel to the main plot.

At some point, we will still begin to supplement the story around the events of the final game. We have some ideas. On paper they look promising, but naturally the task will be much more difficult.

Recall the way Dying Light 2 to the release was not easy, but after a few transfers, she still saw the light. The project came out not without flaws, but both critics and users liked it – three million people played in the zombie action during the first weekend.

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