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The Greedy Cave mobile app will take you to a world where there is only one continent, Milton. At all times, everyone had their own kingdom here and defended their lands. Men have always tried to master martial arts in order to protect their home and family from enemies. In addition to martial prowess, men on the continent also possessed magic, which is also needed in hopeless situations. Only the strongest and strong-willed warriors achieved success. That’s exactly what you need to do so that your warrior is the most powerful and invincible.

The Greedy Cave Codes (2024 March) 4.1.8

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List of CodesExpiration date
NMGY3EOADKRAugust 14, 2022
0BW5VSDQMUAugust 25, 2022
58ZGTEQ1SAugust 11, 2022
JZGRX673QUFSeptember 10, 2022
I6ACE3R8XWBOAugust 12, 2022
O34J7ZIT2ESJuly 20, 2022

At the very beginning of The Greedy Cave, you need to do everything possible to defend your possessions in the north of the continent. There, all people are well adapted to difficulties, so you will have a good advantage. Hardworking people always have everything, but envious people are on the alert and will try to take everything you have from you. Do not let them do this, hold out in the confrontation with the enemies. Show not only strength, but also ingenuity. Sell ​​your goods and use the resources that are on your lands. Your task is to protect all minerals and gold on your territory from enemies. The process will take place in caves, but this is not a scary place. Do not panic, and then you will succeed.

Download The Greedy Cave game, protect your lands, develop, extract natural resources and make your northern kingdom the richest! The game will please you with good graphics and good sound design.

Download ( V4.1.8 )
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