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Dynamic battles with numerous historically edged weapons: daggers, halberds, shields, two-handed swords, double axes, spears, pikes, and epic elemental magic, await you! A complicated cinematic digicam system presents the game with the surroundings of a tremendous top-quality console anime combating sport with quite a few heroes.

You probably can perceive your champion knight to fight with highly efficient monsters in idle mode. As a reward, open chests and get epic, legendary instruments. Every little bit of equipment has its magic element and its expertise. Your combating style and character animations also change counting on your weapon.

The Lone Knight Action RPG Mod APK 1.0.53 (Unlimited Money)

Yo the enemies clip through the walls and then I burn energy but I can't finish the match that's crucial man, like I love this game but that's not fun. I'm just waiting for the next update I finished the tower already. The game has promise but the camera is constantly switching to other enemies making the game far too nauseating alongside the buggy enemies who don't even work half the time and graphics looking like a mashup of different art packs on unity. The game on paper is a great idea but it just needs to be polished more, looking forward to how this game works in the future.. Unresponsive, on rails, crazy lag, slowed all systems on my phone like a virus! No thanks. Tower is unusably broken. Campaign is the same thing over and over. Im gonna uninstall it until this gets fixed.. Fairly decent, biggest problem is the camera but other than that it's pretty good.. This game has real potential but right now it's still pretty glitchy. It rewards you with gold coins but I have yet to find what to spend them on..

It has tons of glitches but is still a good game. One of the bugs I encountered was that some bosses ignored the boundaries of the level and got outside of them, preventing you from completing the level. Another problem I encountered was that some of the buttons are unresponsive. Sometimes the skill buttons don't work until both of them are ready and sometimes I don't attack even though I'm smashing the attack button. If you can fix these problems it would be absolutely great.. Yet another game screwed up by the idiotic energy that limits your play time. What is wrong with you, developers? Stop putting these time limits. No point in even trying to play it further due to this.. I really like this game. Hopefully it continues to improve as time goes hate to see this game get abandoned. Sometimes during the stages I encounter that the BIGGER enemies run out of area zones and I have to restart it hopefully killing them sooner before the little guys other than that game seems really solid. Good game but the controls are pretty buggy sometimes while I'm attacking the movement button messes up and stops me from attacking which sometimes is fine but most of the time it gives the enemies a big chance to kill me but the worst bug is sometimes a random enemy will slide over to the edge of the map and go through the border so I can't kill them and stops me from continuing the level. the contols needs to be re configured, sometimes the buttons doesn't work(doesn't response).

The game is cool the graphics are great but the controllers are not so good. It's like when i want to use my skill i can't use it because the joystick is in the way, the joystick is not separated in the right side it's like where every i press the botton the joystick appears and ruining the bottons like the dodging when i want to go left it always go right because of the joystick. My only request is fix the controller's. And last thing why is my character is only female? No change gender? Ok bye. The game could be good,the graphics are not that bad.But the controls are total trash, You'm talking about the joystick its so frustrating!Pls fix it. i enjoyed it more than i thought! i have a few points: 1. the char should roll towards the direction the character is running to. ex. i am running left then when i press the dodge button, the char rolls to the right. which is very disorienting. 2. the char gets damaged when you press the skills. since the skill animation takes a long time (ex. 3 hit skill combo) the char should have an iframe during animation. it makes me scared to press the skills lmao. i hope you keep improving the game!. Shield doesn't seem to work?Enemy dmg scaling also not reasonable at all. Rolling away to dodge is also almost pointless since it's not even a big distance covered so u can't actually avoid.Enemies move so much quicker than our char. Combo atks useless since it's so slow and u still receive dmg while doing it. Overall, its too hard to beat even stage 1 and 2 without legend or epic equipment. Making it a challenge is understandable, but not when the controls are lacking and even stage 1 is tough.. Review updated 8/5 because of developer contact! Knightz is an arcade style, skill-based, hack-dash-n-slash game which evokes feelings of Dark Souls. Many weapons to choose from and dual wielding! I have two small suggestions for the beta; 1. The character accelerates and decelerates a bit slowly, it feels impossible to make small positioning adjustments. Feels like more commit than rolling. 2. The gold shop never refreshes. I'm level 16 and the best item is a common lv 11 warhammer for 200g.

Controls need to be way better, I can't control my character for the life of me which ultimately leads to me being disrespectfully slapped repeatedly. It just stayed on the loading screen nothing happened. It's a fun game, i hope you guys dont neglect it and polish it even more. It has great potential. I found alot of bugs and glitches But is okay Fix it. *Glicth with Assistant. Like Auto aim. *Bugs with attack or shield or dodge. The respond is so slow Can't do it on the right time. And Why click on open to open chests Make us click automatic on chests to open. And Ads doesn't show on the game. Try to do some watch to get or double. I really like your game. Is so cool Is like archer game but on tps. Like this game. .Dread Rune And I wish if this game 3D too is so cool too.. The game is good. Controls and camera is bad. Attack style is bad..

Please finish the game I loving it but vex I can't finish it when it's done and working ill give it full stars like it deserves. Controls are trash. Change to something easier to tap and use. Add Google cloud or Facebook link save function. Also a way to pause game during battle and exit the match.. Remove the trap due to 1 vs 3 opponent.. campaign to get 3stars is much harder than tower mode... So this game still in beta i like the game the screen sometimes stop especially when in tutorial maybe a bug and also for me the auto focus is not a good thing i mean its annoying, add more tutorial about the moves, and i dont know if im the only one see the box as white and not according to its name but overall i like the game i hope it will grow .

It's a great idea and well executed with what you have, I want to support its development but when I try to buy things in the shop nothing happens. It dose need work like in the beginning, it skipped right into the tutorial with no intro or anything. It is fun to play though the movement are a bit choppy. I think it will be a good game overall if given the time and resources.. Ashlynn Sumerland you need a dictionary. Look up the word "Idle" I hate idle games. I almost didn't download this game because of ur review, you absolute moron. It's not an idle game in the slightest. You fully control your character. In battle you have tons of options and are in full control of movement, attacks, defense, power ups, etc. Why would you say it's an idle game? You're either a bitter liar or a complete moron. Which are you? Anyway, real review later after playing more.. After winning a match, the spend key and cancel chest is too close to eachother. Accidental clicks happen too often. Too hard to get equipments to advance. Coins only come in 20s per win, and costs 2 energy every time. That means, 25 energy (125 minutes) net only 250 coins to buy basic equips that can't really help you adv too. Not enough key options, and you practically need to spend money and keys. When spend keys, you get low level gears that you just end up throwing awaylater, key trap.. It's an idle game. Not even a cleverly disguised one. Don't waste your time unless you want the AI to do all the work.. Good game, but why gender locked? add option for male/female.

Game bugs frequently and becomes completely unresponsive to taps. Update: Nope, tried it again, exact same problem..

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