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The gameplay is based on the augmented reality mode, which gives users the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in an exciting battle. Moving around the real world, the player must collect resources, complete tasks and respond to dangers. The location of the hero directly affects the course of the competition, and the well-developed physics and interaction mechanics create the feeling of a real competition.

List of CodesExpiration date
GJFK3PHEDAMAugust 16, 2022
A8Q3WJDTHFAugust 6, 2022
TI3PY8LOQSeptember 4, 2022
1IHCQF8OTSYAugust 9, 2022
WZ0NPKRU183IJuly 27, 2022
1RKYOZ8DMCBAugust 17, 2022

To start the passage, the player must install the application on the phone and open access to geolocation. The program automatically synchronizes the map and available tournaments, and also places useful tags. The user must walk around the world and point the device at the necessary objects, after which a useful hint will appear on the screen. With the help of a virtual map, a fighter will be able to find the enemy and weapons, join the battle and win.

Features and Benefits

Inside The Machines AR there is a rich catalog of various items. Here you can find durable armor, powerful blasters, amplifiers and protective equipment. Weapons need to be upgraded in time to fight stronger opponents. Also, the player must upgrade his own hero: the level of his abilities determines the available set of super attacks, quests, locations and artifacts. At the same time, special cards are prescribed for each fighter, from which you can get information about his skills and advantages.

Competitions in the game are held in real time, where several dozen soldiers meet on the same field. Opponents can be randomly selected, which makes the competition even more fun. At the same time, users are able to arrange friendly tournaments by creating special invitation links. They must be sent out in the chat, after which the player will be able to follow it and join the battle.


For beginners, The Machines provides a training ground. Here, recruits are trained, who receive basic knowledge about gameplay and controls. Successfully completed training will open access to a variety of tournaments where you can earn experience and rating points – they affect the player’s place in the international standings. For the convenience of passing the interface has been translated into Russian.

Analogues for Android

The Machines AR is currently not available for download on Android devices. As a replacement, users can install a similar application: Robot Warfare.

Robot Warfare

The game is an interesting shooter where robots fight against each other. Using technical advantages, guns and flamethrowers, fighters must defeat opponents and complete missions. If necessary, the heroes can use auxiliary items, armor and found weapons. To successfully complete the competition, the user needs to apply a well-built strategy, as well as improve the skills of his character.

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