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June is drawing to a close, which means it’s time for our roundup of what’s new coming out next month. Among the typical July calm, there was a place for interesting releases: another railway tycoon, the most famous races in the world, a tennis championship, interactive cinema and much more. And in July there are a lot of games with the main characters – animals. What is it for?

July 1. F1 22

Release date: PC (Steam, EGS, Origin), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.

Electronic Arts and the endless series of sports simulators, pleasing (or not so) with a new version every year, have long become synonymous. Codemasters opens a new season of the video game version of the most famous and prestigious Formula 1 races. Most likely, the new car simulator will do without epoch-making changes, but they also promise something new.

Among the key features, it is worth noting adaptive AI, 20 drivers from 10 teams, VR support, split-screen mode, a new social hub called “F1 Life”, which, according to the developers, allows, according to the developers, “to plunge into the world of Formula 1 glitz and glamor” (to no matter what) and a detailed customization mode for your team, right down to the livery design.

July 1. Gamedec (NSW release)

Where it comes out: NSW.

The Polish “conversational RPG”, which, according to Kirill Voloshin, “is not Disco Elysium, but też dobra”, is coming to Nintendo Switch. Perhaps his “commendable” review will help you understand if the game is worth buying the version for the semi-portable console.

5’th of July. Arcadegeddon (Out of Early Access)

Where it comes out: PC (EGS), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.

Another team multiplayer shooter in early access? We almost guessed it – everything is right, except that the creation of IllFonic “early access” on July 5 just ends. You can read more about the game in Alexey Likhachev’s preview.

5’th of July. Last Call BBS

Where it comes out: PC (Steam).

Zachtronics knows how to make puzzles: you’ve probably heard of SpaceChem and Opus Magnum. Last Call BBS is a whole collection of such entertainment, united by a common theme of nostalgia for the days when the personal computer was something new and amazing. In a game dedicated to the era of video games of the 90s, we will have a brand new Z5 Powerlance: this is a fictional PC model of a fictional Japanese computer manufacturer Sawayama Corporation. There are eight puzzles installed on the PC, the solution of which helps to reveal the plot.

Unfortunately, Last Call BBS will be the last work of Zachtronics: lead developer Zach Barth has decided to focus on his main job – he has recently become a programming teacher.

July 7th Matchpoint-Tennis Championships

Where it comes out: PC (Steam), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.

The Kalypso Media and Torus Games project, despite the far from the highest popularity of tennis among video games, is trying to seem like a real, “big” simulator: multiplayer matches, a career mode, a character editor and a dozen guest stars of this sport, including Kei Nishikori ( Kei Nishikori and Nick Kyrgios. It is not yet clear what will come of this in the end, but in the cutscenes the game looks quite decent.


Release date: PC (Steam, GOG), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.

Another horror story with liters of blood and unappetizing details about a long-term demonic ritual in which otherworldly forces force the protagonist to do terrible things. An instant camera will help you figure out what is happening – you need to take pictures and study the resulting pictures to move along the plot. Non-linearity is also promised – thanks to the variety of random events and changing puzzles, each passage will be different from the previous one.

July 8. Dragon Forge

Release date: PC (Steam), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW (later during the summer).

Dragon Forge is a fantasy city-building simulator and at the same time the story of the adventures of a small dragon who, with the help of the player, must build his own magical kingdom, defeat all enemies and turn from a cute clumsy creature into a mighty dragon.

July, 12. XEL

Release Date: PC (Steam, GOG), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW (July 14)

A top-down adventure inspired by the old-school The Legend of Zelda. The main character named Reed finds herself in a strange place called XEL. Reid has lost her memory, so finding answers to questions about her past is no less important to her than exploring a new world. Traveling in dungeons, solving puzzles and fighting against numerous opponents are included.

July, 12. FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch (NSW release)

Where it comes out: NSW.

Dieselpunk metroidvania, in which the world is inhabited by humanoid animals, and the main character, fighting against the dictatorship of robots, is a hare with a mechanical fist; a game with such an extraordinary plot, which was released last year, will now be available on the Nintendo Switch.

Versions for PC and PS5 Ivan Loev and Aleksey Likhachev were awarded with the rating “Commendable”.

the 14 th of July. Loopmancer

Release date: PC (Steam, EGS), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW.

A platformer with roguelike elements in an Asian-cyberpunk setting in three words: stylish, bright, dynamic. The protagonist is a private detective who was killed under mysterious circumstances during an investigation. However, death did not become an obstacle for him – on the contrary, this is a common thing here: after another death, the hero can unlock new abilities and types of weapons with which he will have to destroy enemies in hand-to-hand combat.

For those who want to check for free whether the game justifies such a cheerful description, a beta version is available on Steam.

the 14 th of July. clanfolk

Where it comes out: PC (Steam).

Inspired (or simply copied from) RimWorld strategy dedicated to the development of a medieval clan living somewhere in the expanses of Scotland. The task is simple – to stay alive, and wildlife, climate and not always friendly guests from neighboring clans will become obstacles on the way to survival.

July 19. Endling – Extinction is Forever

Where it’s released: PC (Steam, EGS, GOG), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW.

A sad story about animals dying out due to human recklessness. In the role of a fox, the mother of the last three representatives of its kind, the player will have to travel the world, saving offspring from many dangers: people, predators and indifferent elements will stand in the way of a fox family seeking to find a safe place.

July 19. Stray

Where it comes out: PC (Steam), PS4, PS5.

Have you already noticed the main trends of our July selection? Before us is another cyberpunk adventure with another animal protagonist. As you know, cats always come home. This rule works even if the cat is a wanderer lost in a cyberpunk city who is friends with a flying robot, and the way home lies through a street inhabited by not the friendliest creatures. Stray is published by Annapurna Interactive and directly developed by BlueTwelve, which consists of “mostly cats and a few people to boot.”

July 19. As Dusk Falls

Where it’s released: PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) XONE, XBOXSX.

An interactive crime drama that tells the story of the confrontation between two families from the American hinterland. For three decades, the player will make important decisions that affect the fate of the characters, and the ability to start the passage again, changing the choice at key points in the story, will help reveal plot details that were previously left behind the scenes. Of the interesting features – the original graphic style using processed photos of live actors and atypical for the genre multiplayer capabilities – up to eight participants simultaneously, both locally and over the Web.

July 20. Hazel Sky

Release date: PC (Steam, EGS), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, NSW.

There is a strict rule in the flying city of Gideon: everyone who claims to be an engineer (and in a flying metropolis this profession is as important as it is honorable) must actually prove their skills by going to an island far from home and passing all the tests. Shane, a young engineer, tries to pass this difficult test despite all the difficulties that the island is so rich in.

Hazel Sky is not only dedicated to engineering in the form of repairing and assembling bizarre aircraft, but also promises to focus on the story of how fate collides with a dream.

22 July. Live a Live (NSW remake)

Where it comes out: NSW.

Square Enix is ​​making an HD-2D remake of an old SNES JRPG (two-dimensional character sprites in a three-dimensional world). Previously, Live a Live was released only in the Japanese market and in the same language (except for unofficial versions and amateur translations), and now it will be available for the rest of the world: localization has been announced in eight languages ​​(Russian is not among them) and dubbed in English and Japanese.

22 July. Aery-Vikings

Where it comes out: PC (Steam), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW.

Another relaxation tool from EpiXR Games UG, which has already riveted a dozen of these contemplative flight simulators. Nothing unusual – we fly, perform simple tasks and admire the beauties from a bird’s eye view. This time the game is dedicated to Scandinavian mythology.

July 25th. Chaos Galaxy 2

Where it comes out: PC (Steam).

The continuation of the fantastic turn-based strategy created by a single developer. Like the first part, the game is made in retro style, and among the sources of inspiration, the author names old-school console tactics like Advance War and Super Robot War.

26 July. immortality

Where it comes out: PC (Steam), XONE, XBOXSX.

Do you want to know what happened to Marissa Marcel, an actress who suddenly disappeared after starring in three films, none of which was ever released? If you’re familiar with Her Story and Telling Lies and have enjoyed these games, then I think the answer is yes: Immortality has the same author, Sam Barlow, screenwriter of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Before us is again an interactive film created on the basis of filming with real actors with minimal use of computer technology. Entourage to match – Hollywood at once three eras of the last century, from the sixties to the nineties.

July 27th. sweet transit

Where it comes out: PC (Steam).

“Vehicle tycoon from the creators of Factorio” – it seems like a good poster to attract attention. However, if you look, from the authors of one of the best Steam games (and Factorio is such – 98% of positive ratings out of more than 100 thousand reviews), only Ernestas Norvaišas is here, who worked at Wube Software as one of the 3D artists. This is noticeable – the local railways (namely, Sweet Transit is dedicated to them) will be recognized by any of Factorio fans. Judging by the description, the gameplay will be standard for the genre – the player builds a railway network, watching how cities and enterprises grow thanks to the development of transport.

July 28th. Bear and Breakfast

Where it comes out: PC (Steam, GOG), NSW.

Forest hotel management simulator, which, through the efforts of the player, must always be ready to receive new guests. Almost like a bed and breakfast (“bed and breakfast”, a type of small hotels offering only bed and breakfast), the only difference is that the hotel manager is the most ordinary bear. Furnish rooms with furniture, modernize and decorate the building, cook food for guests, explore the forest in search of new opportunities and new acquaintances.

July 29. Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Where it comes out: NSW.

The July selection is completed by a large exclusive of a small console. The third part of the role-playing series comes out two months ahead of schedule. Of the features of the continuation, it is worth noting battles in squads of up to seven characters, the ability to change the specialization of heroes as you progress, and a new system of relationships that turns pairs of heroes into ouroboros – powerful giants.

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