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September is coming soon – with school rulers and thus a revolution of the calendar. Autumn chores are not at all a reason to forget about the games, since there are a lot of them in September. Our selection will help you find the most interesting ones and not waste precious study time in vain.

September 1 – GALAHAD 3093 (Early Access)

Where it comes out: PC (Steam, EGS).

Another attempt to create a multiplayer shooter about huge fighting humanoid robots. The fate of previous MMOFPS of a similar nature, even the well-known HAWKEN and MechWarrior Online, is sad against the backdrop of popular online action movies not about “furs”. Will the Simutronics Corp. more successful, hard to say. The game does not rely on a rich franchise like MechWarrior Online. And the gameplay, apparently, is closer to the multiplayer shooters of recent times, where, in addition to marksmanship, it is necessary to correctly use the abilities of the heroes.

September 2 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R

Where it comes out: PC (Steam), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW.

An anime fighting game remastered by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The original All Star Battle was released in 2013, and now we are waiting for an updated version for all popular platforms, including PC and Switch.

September 2 – LEGO Brawls

Where it comes out: PC (Steam), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW.

Again Bandai Namco, again a fighting game and again a re-release of a previously released game. LEGO Brawls has been available on iOS for a long time. Among the distinctive features of the project, it is worth noting the character editor, four-on-four combat mode, leaderboards and cross-play between all platforms.

September 2 – The Last of Us Part I

Where it comes out: PS5.

A “remake, not a remaster” of one of Naughty Dog’s best games. Unfortunately, so far only on PS5 – the date of the promised release of the PC version is still unknown.

September 6 – Gunner, HEAT, PC! (early access)

Where it comes out: PC (Steam).

A beta version of an armored simulator dedicated to modern combat vehicles. Connoisseurs of the genre remember Steel Beasts and Steel Armor – Gunner, HEAT, PC! clearly do with an eye on them. This is noticeable, for example, in the mode of viewing successful hits after the battle. At the early access stage, the developers promise to add infantry display on the battlefield, increased crew detail and multiplayer.

September 7 – Trail Out

Where it comes out: PC (Steam).

Like FlatOut, only newer. There will be one of the FlatOut chips here – the opportunity to play bowling or darts by the driver who has flown out of the passenger compartment. In general, the game promises up to fifty cars and about the same number of tracks, eight modes, playing on one device with split screen, destructibility, and even a plot with cut scenes and bosses.

September 8 – NBA 2K23

Where it comes out: PC (Steam), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.

Apparently, we are waiting for the same NBA as before. PC owners were once again offended by the fact that a pastgen version of the basketball simulator will be released on computers. The same story happened last year.

September 8 – Steelrising

Where it comes out: PC (Steam, EGS, GOG), XBOXSX, PS5.

What’s a month without soullikes? September will be no exception. The first, but not the only representative of the genre in this collection will be the new project Spiders – the authors of GreedFall, Of Orcs and Men, Mars: War Logs and Bound by Flame. French developers are true to themselves – they know how to tell interesting stories in an extraordinary setting. Steelrising tells the story of an alternative Paris of the late 18th century: the main character, the android Aegis, confronts an army of killer robots in the service of King Louis XVI.

September 9 – Splatoon 3

Where it comes out: NSW.

The third part of a colorful exclusive for Switch. “Colorful” in the literal sense – instead of weapons, the heroes of this multiplayer shooter use colored ink. They paint over territories and attack opponents. Splatoon 3 announced new modes (including PvE), new maps and new weapons. There will also be a card game with unclear rules. The game is promised to be supported by large-scale DLC and updates for two years.

September 13 – Isonzo

Where it comes out: PC (Steam, EGS), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.

A new game from the creators of tactical shooters about the First World War – Verdun and Tannenberg. Isonzo is also dedicated to the First World War, but not the battles on the Western and Eastern fronts, but the battles near the Italian Isonzo River. They are less known, but no less bloody. The studio wants to authentically show the fighting in the mountains, where the fight is for every stone, and the advantage in height can decide the outcome of the battle. The realism inherent in the work of the team and the importance of tactics are in place.

September 13 – Beneath the Mountain

Where it comes out: PC (Steam).

This real-time strategy will allow the player to become the king of the underground gnomes. They peacefully build buildings and extract minerals, and also repulse the attacks of orcs and various underground creatures.

September 15 – Metal: Hellsinger

Where it comes out: PC (Steam), XBOXSX, PS5.

Rhythm shooter about clearing the underworld for lethal metal. The more accurately the player gets into the rhythm of the composition when shooting, the more powerful his attacks. The developers, including the authors of Payday and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, emphasize that “living metal legends” worked on the game. Their names, however, are familiar only to fans of this genre. The exception is Serj Tankian from System of a Down: even I listen to him. Tankian’s involvement is a sure sign that the soundtrack won’t disappoint.

September 19 – Return to Monkey Island

Where it comes out: PC (Steam), NSW.

Continuation of one of the best series of the golden age of quests. Thanks to Devolver Digital and Terrible Toybox for the new game. Don’t be alarmed if the name of the developer studio doesn’t mean anything to you: the authors of past games in the series work there, in particular Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman.

September 20

Where it comes out: PC (Steam), XBOXSX, PS5.

Another Soullick. It looks like a typical representative of the genre, but there is also something original in it. For example, we control two characters at once: the sisters Briard and Lut. The first prefers to fight in close combat, and the second deals with enemies with the help of otherworldly forces.

September 22 – Slime Rancher 2 (Early Access)

Where it comes out: PC (Steam, EGS), XBOXSX.

Here you can suck the slimes into the backpack using a vacuum gun, and then blow them back. Interesting but not clear? You just didn’t play the first part, which received very positive reviews from the press and the community. The game tells about a young farmer Beatrix LeBeau, who went to an uncharted planet to breed cute creatures – slimes. In the second part, players are waiting for new locations, slimes and farming equipment.

September 22 – The DioField Chronicle

Where it comes out: PC (Steam), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW.

Role-playing strategy from Square Enix will tell about the large-scale confrontation between the two empires. The setting combines fantasy, the Middle Ages and modernity. The levels are made in the style of a diorama.

September 22 – Potion Permit

Where it’s released: PC (Steam, EGS, GOG), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW.

A healer simulator that helps the inhabitants of a small town. The gameplay is simple – we talk with the townspeople, brew potions, explore the surroundings in search of ingredients and, of course, treat the sick. The visuals are a combination of pixel art and anime.

September 22 – No Place for Bravery

Where it comes out: PC (Steam, GOG), NSW.

Are you tired of the soullikes in this compilation yet? Then hold another one – this time in 2D and with pixel art. No Place for Bravery tells about the former soldier Thorn. His daughter was kidnapped, so he is forced to take up the sword again. In addition to battles in the Souls-style, the authors promise a story about fathers, children and responsibility for their actions.

September 22 – Serial Cleaners

Where it’s released: PC (Steam, EGS, GOG), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.

Five years ago, Serial Cleaner was released – a 2D stealth game in the 70s setting, dedicated to the everyday life of a mafia cleaner. His task is to remove the corpses and cover up the traces of crimes. In the continuation, instead of 2D – three-dimensional isometry, the action was replaced with tactics (stealth remained), and the time period was shifted 20 years forward. There are now several main characters, but the task is the same – to get rid of evidence and bodies.

September 27 – Moonscars

Release date: PC (Steam, GOG, HumbleBundle), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW.

Okay, this is the last soullike for today. Moonscars is done in a 2D style with pixel art, but this game has more emphasis on combat and metroidvania elements. The picture is complemented by a gloomy atmosphere with liters of blood and dismemberment – to match the fantasy story. The main role is a warrior who is looking for the truth about her birth.

September 27 – Dual Universe (release on Steam)

Where it comes out: PC (Steam).

An ambitious space MMORPG with elements of simulation, construction and even programming will get a page on Steam. No, this is not Star Citizen, although the games are somewhat similar, even if you do not take into account the sci-fi focus. However, Dual Universe is far from the popularity of the creation of Chris Roberts (Chris Roberts). The release on Steam looks like an attempt to realize the last chance for success: the game remains niche entertainment for the elite.

September 28 – Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter

Where it comes out: PC (Steam).

Hardcore and impossibly realistic anti-submarine destroyer simulator of World War II. Almost like Silent Hunter, but the confrontation between the ship and the submarine is shown from the other, surface side. The developers promise “an exciting storyline” and call their game “an interactive military thriller.” I played the demo and it was terribly boring, like any good but half-baked sim should be.

September 30 – FIFA 23

Release date: PC (Steam, EGS, Origin), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW.

The most popular football simulator will continue. Women’s World Cup, authentic player movements, more realistic shots and passes, great graphics… Oh, you need something new? Everything is stable here: they will replace one number in the name of the game (oh, I remember FIFA 20 – two were replaced there!) And they will launch a new season of Ultimate Team.

It is also the last game in the FIFA series.

September, date unknown – The Wandering Village (Early Access)

Where it comes out: PC (Steam).

City-building simulator with an unusual plot: you have to build a settlement on the back of a huge fantastic creature – Onbu. Riding on it the player will go on a journey through the magical world. The once beautiful place is dying from poisonous spores. In addition to the problems typical for the genre, multiplied by the limited space for construction, there is a moral dilemma: who will the inhabitants of the city become – symbionts living in harmony with the host, or parasites, for whom only the settlement is important?

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