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If I had to describe The Outer Worlds in one sentence, I’d say it’s a sci-fi RPG with a pinch of English humor and lots of fun shooting. And in the latest DLC “Murder on Eridanus”, Obsidian Entertainment decided to add another component to the dish – a detective. And it cannot be said that the developers used the full potential of the intellectual genre, because the game did not become something else. Before us is rather a fun shooter with a fairly linear plot, in which you are not supposed to think.

New freelance job

While the surviving colonist plows the expanses of space, performs side tasks and steals bits, the Rizzo Corporation, which gave the colonists the famous spectral vodka, is on the verge of ruin. And it’s not all about the little things! The face of the company, Elena Alkionskaya, was killed by someone right before the presentation of a new product.

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos: Обзор

A unique opportunity to meet the star of Ethervision! True, already dead …

Clutching his head, the boss of “Rizzo” hires our hero, gives him the title of inspector and asks him to investigate the blatant impudence of the crime. And he is even ready to turn a blind eye to the fact that the colonist may not be the color of the nation at all, his intellect is “below average”, and all pumping points are thrown into shooting.

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos: Обзор

ADA suggests why we’ve been entrusted with investigating the murder of ETV’s greatest movie star.

Quickly packing their things, the crew of the Hopeless sets off for Eridanus, the last resting place of Helen of Alcyone. Upon arrival, the hero, along with his companions, is settled in a hotel, but not just anywhere, but in the best room. In general, all the conditions for the colonist to not need anything and quickly investigate the murder.

And there are many suspects! Here is a colleague who was dissatisfied with Elena’s popularity, and an angry ex, and a professional killer, and even a crazy prophetess. To make the investigation progress even faster, the inspector was given a special weapon – an inconsistency amplifier that easily finds evidence and analyzes it. The hero can shine with his mind and come to his own conclusions, but in any case, AI will tell all the necessary details.

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos: Обзор

Despite the developed intelligence, the inspector in the best traditions of a homeless cop can lick traces and evidence, rob bodies, absurdly threaten suspects and throw tantrums at hotel staff.

Application for classic detective

The planet itself looks amazing – during the investigation, the inspector will be able to visit the Rizzo factory, the gardens in which purples are grown, and the corporation’s scientific complex. And you will have to travel around the planet often. “Murder on Eridanus” copies the scheme of the classic detective story, in which there is no need to look for a criminal: all suspects are obvious, the inspector only needs to find evidence and prove guilt.

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos: Обзор

Upon closer examination, the Grand Colonial Hotel looks like a corrupt Byzantium, in which no one appreciates human life.

Most of the time you will have to travel to different locations, interrogate witnesses, hack into computers or steal access cards. But the plot is not limited to one investigation. For example, when studying the purple gardens, it turns out that the company’s employees are too happy, and the head of Rizzo himself is hiding something …

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos: Обзор

Rizzo Corporation knows how to make its employees happy!

The game will not allow you to immerse yourself in the role of an inspector and really investigate the case. Yes, we have a real detective board on which the hero can study all the suspects and the evidence found, but …

“Murder on Eridanus” has prepared its own plot and will force you to move along fairly straight lines. For this reason, the DLC turned out to be very linear. You can’t accidentally kill an innocent suspect, miss a villain, or die yourself. The game will do everything for you, which completely devalues ​​the significance of the investigation. You can report to the head of Rizzo and point out the killer almost immediately, without investigating anything, and the game will obediently accept any of your answers.

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos: Обзор

Now the evidence board is gloomy, because this did not help the investigation in any way, even for a scrupulous search for evidence they were not praised …

This is sad, because the detective story had potential, and every person interviewed was suspicious. One dreamed of getting rid of the upstart Elena, the star of ethervision almost ruined another, the third suffered from memory lapses and had no alibi. Reading notes, traveling around locations and studying evidence, you can come to your own conclusions, but the game does not encourage such an approach.

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos: Обзор

Looking into every corner of the hotel, you can discover interesting details…

Shooter yes, detective no.

Despite my quibbles, Murder on Eridanus is a very enjoyable game to play. If we ignore the investigation and accept the rules of the developers, we can remember that The Outer Worlds is not loved at all for the plot.

The rest is top-notch: relaxing shooting in new scenery, the atmosphere of an unscheduled vacation in an expensive hotel, evil corporations with their immoral experiments and absurd humor. A new scientific weapon deserves special mention, the code for which is all eight bottles of Rizzo Spectral Vodka.

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos: Обзор

Do not miss the unique opportunity to visit the tour! A tasting room awaits you around the corner.

“Murder on Eridanus” is quite possible to take a free evening. As before, for an interesting game you will not need combat skills – only social skills, because The Outer Worlds is not about “challenge” and difficult battles. But if you want to make life more difficult, I recommend visiting the DLC not at the recommended, 30th level, but much earlier.

After the swamps and abandoned complexes of the Monarch, it is nice to visit the flowering gardens and expensive apartments of Eridan.

“Murder on Eridani” pretends to be a detective in vain. This is the good old The Outer Worlds with new characters and new scenery. Those who loved the original will surely love this DLC as well, because it is like a sip of Rizzo spectral vodka, the taste of which has already been forgotten since the release of Menace on the Gorgon.

Pros: well written environment; absurd humor remained at the same level; new armor and weapons.

Cons: linear plot; lack of new interesting mechanics; frustrating final boss.

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