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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Codes 10.0.3
Codes List Expiration date Number of
HXJ2F3BGAY1 July 25, 2022 415
HRQMP98YID September 1, 2022 855
V8T2573A1 July 19, 2022 315
5JQSRM7IU2P August 23, 2022 914
BEAN1ZL2G7UX August 31, 2022 452
ZEXULFSACVR July 16, 2022 248

Let’s go with you deep into the Caribbean. There, where robberies and robbery flourish. In the realm of pirates. It’s time for black sails, exciting sea adventures and treasure hunts.

Stand at the helm of the ships you like, the choice of which is truly great. 16 different classes and over a hundred different models! You can also improve your fleet by purchasing various items for it. Embark on an exciting sea voyage and visit various places. Exotic islands, abandoned sea cities and ports. All this will meet on your way in The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt.

Take part in sea battles and besiege secret pirate bases, making them your own. Capture peaceful ships, rob and replenish your collection of trophies. Improve your captain’s skills. Experience all the possibilities of realistic ship control physics. Don’t forget about improving your pirate skills. Use the entire arsenal of robber tricks.

The changeable sea will show you all its versatility. A real sea storm will make you feel powerful and it is not known who will emerge victorious from the battle with the elements.

There are several ways to replenish resources in The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. You can build your settlements, which will be profitable. Or besiege peaceful cities for the purpose of profit. You can also engage in free trade, buying resources in some places and transporting them to others.

Exciting missions with a unique storyline, many different sea and land campaigns with incredibly realistic graphics will bring a lot of positive emotions from the game. Rather, install The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt and go on an exciting sea voyage.

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