Game Mobile - Updated on April 13, 2022

The Pirates Kingdoms belongs to the strategy style and has a great source of content about cooperative pirates. Avid players can be transported right into the golden age of pirate ships. At the right timing, they rained on the ocean. Immerse yourself in the fascinating territorial disputes of the captains. You are the core member of an illustrious pirate crew. Get moving now.

Embrace diversity once every thousand years to rise to become the hegemony of the ocean. Rock in the sea along with your heavenly feats. What does a captain’s will to be a captain look like? This joy is happening in this great product. What shoppers depended on now transcends all. Come and declare that treasure chest.

The Pirates Kingdoms

Level up super fast

The level of The Pirates Kingdoms can be an important issue that you may know. Using a hedging strategy, captains will gain a certain amount of expertise. The right words right here every day will be added to the EXP bar. After they earn a certain diploma, they will be elevated to a diploma. Each worthwhile level up opens an attribute stack. Now you can be a little stronger.

Talent synthesizer

Use the table of abilities of the information pirates. Citizens may have the prospect of being proficient in some hegemonic attacks. Events and arrangements must not be the same to the slightest degree. Guaranteed to make a concrete difference. Also, abilities can be upgraded, which can be made clear with knowledge. The enhancement will be obtained from multiple sources.


Each captain is probably judged by the approach of a certain combat pressure table. Recognized by the approach of the system guidelines. Every opponent can benefit from seeing each other’s blocking power and deciding whether or not to join the battle. The increase in combat power in The Pirates Kingdoms will allow you to level up the pirates. Or unlock pirates with too many stars. And various additional points.

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