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Following the long-awaited presentation Hogwarts Legacy an interview with developers from Avalanche. The Community Manager spoke with colleagues and revealed more details about the upcoming game in the Harry Potter universe.

Some of the information has already been announced during the demonstration of the gameplay, therefore, previously unknown facts have been collected below.

  • The Hero’s Journey Hogwarts Legacy in many ways similar to the story of Harry Potter – the character will be in an unfamiliar place, begin to study magic and make friends. The protagonist has experienced some events, which is partly why he is a celebrity. This again will take gamers into the shoes of the “boy who survived.”
  • The main opponents in the game are the goblin Renrock and the dark wizard Victor Rookwood. The first hates sorcerers, so he starts an uprising among his own kind, and together with an ally intends to destroy the magical world.
  • The newcomer is drawn into a conflict due to a connection with ancient magic. But along the way, he (or she) will meet many friendly people who are ready to help. One of them will be Professor Eleazar Fig. He is disliked by the Ministry of Magic, as he has begun investigating rumors of a goblin uprising on his own.
  • While exploring the world, several familiar names can be encountered, including a couple of Weasleys.
  • If the developers are to be believed, Hogwarts Legacy will offer a deep combat system that will make even experienced players sweat. The action provides several gradations of difficulty so that users with different skill levels can enjoy the process.

Also authors Hogwarts Legacy assured fans that there would be no microtransactions in the game. The project will be released towards the end of 2022 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

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