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A quick question: is it possible to buy a game on Steam for 100 rubles that at the same time resembles Dragon’s Crown, early Castelvania interspersed with Dark Souls, a slight touch of anime and a half-naked busty heroine who amusingly yells something in Japanese? You can – I managed to take The Vagrant at a discount in general for 51 rubles. And I got a thousand pleasures …

Vivian on the warpath

The Vagrant is a 2D metroidvania platformer with outstanding breast physics (and size) from Dragon’s Crown (and a very similar style) and a very serious focus on RPG and story.

We play as a wandering mercenary Vivian, who, miraculously surviving a shipwreck, ended up in a fantasy country called Mithrilia – here she has to fight a lot, moving left and right, jumping, spinning combos and piercing crowds of opponents with melee weapons.

The combat system is simple. There is no block, but Vivian can crouch and dodge. In addition to the usual power strike, she can inflict jumps and beat enemies in the air for a long time, as well as use special combat skills that consume her rage, such as rushing forward with a weapon, causing increased damage. In addition, new combos are gradually opening up to her, requiring pressing certain keyboard shortcuts or buttons on the gamepad (the game, by the way, is “sharpened” specifically for the latter). Using them, for example, she can throw enemies into the air, and then fall to the ground with a bomb, dealing damage on landing.

Vagrant game review

The topic of boobs, as you can see, the authors are trying to reveal in a big way.

Why do we need a blacksmith?

We learn new combos for mana points, which in The Vagrant serves as an analogue of souls from Dark Souls. Mana drops out of the bodies of defeated opponents, as well as from chests, boxes, statues, barrels, candelabra and other items that can (and should) be destroyed – the game makes you hit everything in a row, getting both benefit from it and special pleasure when you see , as with a pleasant tinkle the heroine collects mountains of fallen coins, mana crystals and other “buns”.

She, mana, is used to pump our mercenary. The skill tree in The Vagrant is very extensive and branching: moving along it in different directions, we increase the level of attack, defense or luck, the chance of a critical hit, the total amount of health or rage reserves, increase the effectiveness of potions or combat moves, and so on. In this sense, the role-playing system is somewhat reminiscent of what we saw, for example, in Path of Exile.

Increases the characteristics of the heroine and equipment – various melee weapons, armor and magic jewelry, that is, rings, amulets and talismans. Weapons and armor can be improved with the same mana, increasing the level of attack or defense. And besides, at any time, without any blacksmith, they are allowed to enchant equipment with runes, which give it new useful properties and again raise the characteristics of the character. Therefore, weapons here can cause not only normal, but also elemental damage – fire there or electricity. We either find runes or get them after destroying an enchanted (and already unnecessary) item.

Vagrant game review

Sometimes there are puzzles to be solved.

Save your life

Dark Souls is also reminiscent of the save system, which is not produced anywhere here. Saves are available around campfires, where important story conversations often take place. In the same place, we can cook food according to pre-purchased recipes (if there are enough ingredients), which restores health and rage points, and also gives various useful bonuses.

They also allow us to save at special road signs, with the help of which we move between open locations in order, say, to return to the city and trade. Or to visit already completed places where enemies are constantly respawning, and engage in “grinding”, accumulating money and mana, finding new runes or special items that allow you to learn a new skill.

Who said it would be easy?

You have to “grind” because The Vagrant often comes across very serious opponents, fights with which devastate all the stocks of expensive potions and food (it also restores health right in battle). And money and mana for all the coolest and most necessary, as a rule, is not enough. The “bosses” here are not as unrealistically dangerous as in Dark Souls, but they are also very serious and strong. Everyone uses their own tactics, and everyone has not one, but several health scales at once, which need to be systematically ground down to zero.

Traps and platform jumps are also dangerous, especially if you are not playing with a gamepad. When crowds of running, flying and ramming enemies rage around, some barrels with legs are thrown with bombs, and trap statues are also poured with fire, jumping to the right place on the platforms, while simultaneously trying to attack opponents and break the statues, it happens, to put it mildly, not so easy.

Vagrant game review

Well, isn’t this beautifully dark gothic?

Finally, after important story events, local analogues of raids are opened – rifts, locations with especially strong enemies. You need to pay a lot of money to enter here, but the reward in case of victory will be generous.

Not only about artifacts

All this, in fact, is quite common for such games, which are now released a lot. What really sets The Vagrant apart is the story. No, the plot itself and the essence of many tasks are simple and exhaustively described by the following scheme: in order to find a very important artifact, you need to seek help from a witch, and she will ask you to get another, no less important, artifact to help you find your artifact.

But why we are looking for all these magical crowns and necklaces and what happens in the process of searching, what events, scenes and dialogues all this is accompanied by, is much more interesting. The story in The Vagrant is very dark, gothic – and its ending can be very far from a happy ending. Often Vivian meets lovers, one of whom is sure to die, and the second wants to die right there, next to her beloved. And the mercenary herself, who constantly remembers her past, experienced a personal drama.

The local magic Academy is to blame for this, and ironically, Vivian travels with the assistant of one sorceress from the Academy, who actually forces us to look for all these “very important artifacts” by force (or rather, magic). They constantly communicate around the fires, and at first the forced ally does not believe Vivian’s stories, and then … However, play by yourself, I will not spoil the fun.

Vagrant game review

In battles with “bosses” special skills should be used as soon as possible.


The Vagrant is a real gift for all fans of 2D platform games with an emphasis on action, role-playing, as well as story and atmosphere. And the gift is free. Because paying 100 rubles for such a game is like buying a lottery ticket for change, and in the end hitting the jackpot and rushing off on an exciting journey through Europe.

Pros: dark and atmospheric story; colorful main character; complex, dynamic and spectacular fights; exciting pumping; many types of equipment, which can also be improved and enchanted with runes; nice picture.

Cons: elements of “metroidvania” could have been worked out more interestingly; sometimes there are problems with management.

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